Nov 30, 2010

Books for Boys - Children's Author Max Elliot Anderson: Midwest Review on Lost Island Smugglers


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Lost Island Smugglers by Max Elliot Anderson


  1. Don't enter me in this giveaway as I already have this book but I really enjoyed this author and the way he writes. I am also thankful for books that boys can read that are clean and decent. Thanks!

  2. I have been following Max Anderson's books for some time now. I love it that he feels led to write books for young boys.

    I have one copy of Lost Island Smugglers but I am trying to procure more so that I can use it for my enrichment reading students. With the terrible budget cuts that schools are facing, there is little or no money for new books and I feel that my students could benefit greatly from reading Lost Island Smugglers.

  3. just letting you know that jamie sent me here to check out your book giveaway!!

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