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Oct 7, 2015

A great way to go through the day ~ Thank You, Lord, for Everything by P.J. Lyons

Love surrounds you, beauty, too.
Notice how God blesses you!
Clap your hands, shout and sing:
Thank you, Lord, for everything.
A comfortable and relaxing rhyme tells the story of God’s great blessings in this padded cover board book. P.J. Lyons’ engaging text and Tim Warnes’ playful illustrations remind readers how much they have to be thankful for.

Thank You, Lord, For Everything, is a sweet and

Aug 26, 2015

Give Baby something Sweet to Cuddle and Keep Pacifiers Safe too . . . #ProEasyLivingPandaCuddlyPal

Cotton plush colorful Panda CuddlyPal pacifier holder is perfect for babies & toddlers up to 24 months as the pacifier can be changed to meet your baby's development needs. Detach to add your baby's favorite pacifier or to ensure easy cleaning & sterilizing.

Designed to keep the pacifier close to your baby without using cords or strings. Prevents the pacifier from being lost, dropped or forgotten.

Innovative design pacifier holder comes with a baby-safe velcro strap that

Aug 25, 2015

Perhaps others may like the Amber Teething Necklace but . . . #balticamber

The Ultimate Amber Teething Necklace
Our Amber Teething Necklace is the perfect alternative medicine for babies & toddlers on the teething process. All this is thanks for the Baltic Amber Natural immune system boost, anti-inflammatory & analgesic capabilities. By the time the baby or toddler start using the necklace you will

Aug 23, 2015

LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carrier with more carry positions that most other carriers! #lillelove Check it out! {Review}

The LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carriers combines more carrying positions, lasts longer, and includes more features than any other baby carrier. The All Seasons line features an adjustable center panel: zip up for warmth and zip down to reveal cool, breathable, 3D mesh.

1. SIX ERGONOMIC CARRYING POSITIONS – Includes every carrying position without the need for an infant insert: Front-fetal, Front-infant, Front-outward, Front- toddler, Hip and Back carry. 

The COMPLETE grows with your child through

Dec 10, 2014

Babyganics sunscreen #Review

babyganics sunscreens
Pure Mineral Sunscreen SPF30
Mineral-Based Sunscreen SPF30
Mineral -Based Sunscreen Spray SPF30
Mineral-Based Sunscreen SPF50+
​Mineral -Based Sunscreen Spray SP50+
Pure Mineral Sunscreen Stick SPF50+

It’s a big, wide world out there and your baby wants at it. But sunburn and damage to sensitive skin isn’t anything you want them to explore. Our mineral-

Oct 23, 2014

Expectant Parents – New Resource from Focus on the Family {And, iPad Mini Giveaway!} ends 11/2

While many books for new parents focus on prenatal development and the health of a mom-to-be, Suzanne Hadley Gosselin's  Expectant Parents' core purpose is to help new parents understand key issues related to the arrival of a new child in the home, offering practical assistance as they prepare themselves for long-term family success.


Aug 24, 2014

Lifebank USA ~ Saving more cells. Storing more hope. $500 Contest and information #sp

There’s only one opportunity to save your baby’s stem cells for the future...
As an expectant parent, your baby’s health means everything. Right now, he or she is protected in the womb and will soon enter the world. There is a lot to think about and prepare for, but an invaluable step you can take when your child is born is to preserve his/her stem-cell rich cord and placenta blood The ability of stem

Jun 1, 2014

{Giveaway} New Baby Needs Giveaway ~ over $1250 worth of Prizes for 1 Winner!

What better to celebrate the start of Summer than a HUGE Giveaway!?! - Yes, You guessed it, Susan at Mom Loves 2 Read has searched HIGH and low to find some of the fun and amazing Giveaways to join - and share with all you wonderful readers who just LOVE to enter - and win!  Check this one out - just for you expecting Moms and Dads, Those who have already been blessed with a bundle or two or three of JOY, and those who know they will need some Baby Shower Gifts - or Grandparents and Caregivers of little ones!  Enter below for a chance to win a LARGE collection of Baby Needs Prizes!

New Baby Needs Button  

May 31, 2014

{Book Review & Giveaway} Dr Carey's Baby Care Guide for that Important First Year

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

A Doctor’s Original Baby Care Guide for that Important First Year

With over 120 full color pictures, I am able to share baby care as if you were in my office. Neatly written in under 100 pages (print version), this easy to understand guide is written by a doctor to assure reliable information for you and

Mar 10, 2014

Come Join the Luck Be A Baby March Giveaway - enter to win some fantastic Prizes - #LuckBeABaby

Welcome To The Pot-O-Gold Giveaway! 
The Moms at The Kids Did It, Coupons and Lesson Plans and The Mommy Island along with a fabulous group of bloggers are excited to offer you a chance to win baby gear! This event features some of the latest

Feb 13, 2014

Undercover Mama $30 Giveaway ~ Enter to WIN on Mom Loves 2 Read

How many times have you seen women struggling to nurse their little bundle of joy while trying hard to maintain her modesty?  Some women use blankets or covers of some sort that completely hide baby and keep mommy modest but also lose that face to face opportunity unless mommy puts her head under cover too.  Now, with Undercover Mama shirts, mommies can get the best of both - modesty and face to face interaction with baby.

Jan 29, 2014

GIVEAWAY & Review of Bum Boosa® Bamboo Baby Wipes and find out why they are a fixture in my home.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. 
What better way to clean up baby messes (and kids too) than with Soft, Soothing Baby Wipes?  These natural, botanical Bum Boosa® Bamboo Baby Wipes are gentle for that baby soft skin.  They are softly scented, and feel wonderful on sensitive skin.  I have tried them on

Jan 10, 2014

DayDreamer Giveaway ~ Comfy Cozy nest for baby - Enter to Win on Mom Loves 2 Read

Hosted by Crazy Stepford Wives 

and DayDreamer

Designed to be comfortable with a machine washable cover this is the perfect place for your infant to take a nap! At a 28 degree incline and breathable material this is a wonderful restful place for baby and with an unique one hand release on the safety harness you can't lose!

Nov 27, 2013

The Juppy Baby Walker Momentum GIVEAWAY ~ 2 winners - Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Easy on your back
Safer for baby's arms and shoulders

I remember how much I had to bend over when my kids were first learing to walk.  After a few minutes I would have to stand up and stretch out my back.  I also have a friend whose little one ended up with a sore arm from a big sibling trying to "help" baby learn to walk.  I love the Juppy Baby Walker Momentum.  It definitely makes it easier for Mom or Dad to help baby learn while not causing sore back and shoulders for baby or parent!

Oct 29, 2013

Bringing in Finn Review ~ an amazing story of miraculous birth and the love of family

Bringing in Finn is an incredibly moving story of surrogacy and how it created a bond like no other between a mother and daughter

In February 2011, 61-year-old Kristine Casey delivered the greatest gift of all to her daughter, Sara Connell: Sara’s son, Finnean. At that moment, Kristine—the gestational carrier of Sara and her husband Bill’s child—became the oldest woman ever to give birth in Chicago. 

Bringing in Finn: An Extraordinary Surrogacy Story tells this modern family’s remarkable surrogacy story.

After trying to conceive naturally without success, Sara and her husband Bill dedicated years to a variety of fertility treatments—but after Sara lost a third pregnancy (including the loss of twins at twenty-two weeks), they started to give up their hope. When Kristine offered to be their surrogate, they were shocked; but Kristine was clear that helping Sara become a mother felt like a calling, something she felt inspired to do.

In this achingly honest memoir, Connell recounts the tragedy and heartbreak of losing pregnancies; the process of opening her heart and mind to the idea of her sixty-one-year-old mother carrying her child for her; and the profound bond that blossomed between mother and daughter as a result of their unique experience together.

Oct 25, 2013

Baby Bullet Giveaway on Mom Loves 2 Read

Welcome to Mom Loves 2 Read - I have joined with fellow blogger from The Stuff of Success to bring you this wonderful giveaway . . .

Hosted by: The Stuff of Success 
Sponsored by: Baby Bullet
Thank you to all the collaborating blogs!

Set the stage for a lifetime of healthy eating and feeding. The Baby Bullet Baby Care System revolutionizes the way you’ll feed your baby for the first 3 years of life! Jarred baby food is often 10 x more expensive than homemade food and jarred food typically contains unhealthy sugars, fillers, and preservatives…. EVEN when it’s labeled organic! But, with the Baby Bullet you can make AND store an entire week’s worth of healthy baby food in under 5 minutes for less than $3.00!

Oct 19, 2013

Betty Crocker Smash Cakes ~ Cute and fun for baby's first birthday memories

When my kids were very young, their first few birthdays were such fun to plan.  Decorations, cake, ice cream and more - what theme? colors? characters would my son/daughter most enjoy?

I remember my son's first birthday ~ I had made a small cake for him to personally have then a larger cake with one of his favorite characters on it for the family to share.  He looked at the yummy cake and sunk his fingers all the way in to grab a bite.  Then, to everyone's delight and amazement - he began fussing and shaking his hands off to the side of the highchair!  He didn't want that yucky stuff on his fingers!  It was absolutely adorable and funny.  His smashed up little cake was a yummy treat as long as he could figure out how to keep his fingers clean - :)

Oct 15, 2013

Vtech Cody the Smart Cub Giveaway - A great gift for the young child in your life! Enter to Win on Mom Loves 2 Read

VTech Cody the Smart Cub Giveaway

Hello everyone! We've teamed up with some amazing bloggers to bring you the latest and greatest new toy from VTech, Cody the Smart Cub. Cody is an interactive toy that not only plays music and games, but refers to your child by name! How cool is that? If you'd like to learn more about Cody's amazing features, check out Young Mom's Deals' review of VTech's Cody the Smart Cub.

Although my children are past the age for this adorable toy, my nieces are at the perfect age to interact and play with Cody.  We have a cute Vtech bear that is similar to Cody and all three of my kids used it and now my nieces play with it when they visit.  These adorable interactive toys last for years and years!  They make wonderful gifts for baby showers, baby and toddler birthdays, Christmas, or just because it was too cute not to buy!

The great news is that Young Mom's Deals and Mom Loves 2 Read have teamed up with VTech to bring you an opportunity to win a VTech Cody the Smart Cub of your very own! The contest is open to residents of US who are 18 years or older at the time of entry. Entry is incredibly simple! Just enter using the giveaway widget below!

Oct 4, 2013

Adorable Insprational Children's book review & GIVEAWAY ~ Rufus and Ryan Go To Church

Rufus and Ryan Go To Church!
In Rufus and Ryan Go to Church!, four-year-old Ryan explains to his stuffed monkey, Rufus, what is happening as they attend church on Sunday morning. He lets Rufus know when it’s time to sing and to pray and to be quiet.

Author Kathleen Bostrom brings a delightfully light touch to the text as she provides an introduction to an experience that most children are exposed to long before they understand why. And children everywhere will relate to the idea of explaining their surroundings to their favorite companions as they go about their daily activities.  

This is just one of the first titles in a new series of inspirational books for preschoolers.  

About the Rufus and Ryan book
Rufus and Ryan is a new series of books for preschoolers, featuring Ryan, an energetic little boy, and his

Oct 2, 2013

Lucy the Dinosaur by Joey Ahlbum ~ Adorable books for children ~ Review on Mom Loves 2 Read

About the Book :
Lucy the Dinosaur is a set of 15 books written by Joey Ahlbum. Moms and dads looking for the best kid’s picture book will love Frederator Books’ newest read along digital book!

Lucy is an explorer and a leader. She has a natural curiosity about things because Lucy wants to learn. Meet Lucy and her other dino friends as they learn, joke and skateboard!
Lucy is a larger than life dinosaur who loves adventures. With Lucy in the lead, her loyal crew crawls, skates, and dances their way to learning. Lucy’s curiosity holds no bounds—she counts, she hunts for treasure, she even puts on a play!