Sep 13, 2021

Baby Formula: HiPP Brand History

The history of the Hipp brand dates back to 1898, when Josef the hippy confectioner from Güntsburg had a daughter and then twins a year later. And all would be well, but Joseph's wife began to have problems with breast milk, the woman was clearly not able to feed all their children. So Josef decided to make the formula himself. He baked dry cookies, ground them up and prepared a special mixture based on cow's milk. To his delight, the children were satisfied with its taste. Even today, Hipp is one of the most famous baby food brands in the world. It sells a wide range of various products for the nutrition of children of different age categories.

Jun 20, 2019

Maybe He Just Likes You by Barbara Dee ~ #MeToo

Introducing a new title for middle graders that I thought might be of interest to most of my readers 
Maybe He Just Likes You by Barbara Dee

Barbara Dee explores the subject of #MeToo for the middle grade audience in this heart-wrenching—and ultimately uplifting—novel about experiencing harassment and unwanted attention from classmates.

For seventh-grader Mila, it starts with some boys giving her an unwanted hug on the school blacktop. A few days later, at recess, one of the boys (and fellow trumpet player) Callum tells Mila it’s his birthday, and asks her for a “birthday hug.” He’s just being friendly, isn’t he? And how can she say no? But Callum’s hug lasts a few seconds too long, and feels…weird. According to her friend, Zara, Mila is being immature and overreacting. Doesn’t she know what flirting looks like?

But the boys don’t leave Mila alone. On the bus. In the halls. During band practice—the one place Mila could always escape.

It doesn’t feel like flirting—so what is it? Thanks to a chance meeting, Mila begins to find

Jun 5, 2019

Survival Tips for Family Travel ~ Join the Chaos

So, you are planning a Wonderful family trip.  You just know that each and every sweet, lovable member of your family is going to enjoy every single moment of togetherness and bonding.  There is a whole vacation full of special moments you have meticulously planned and of course, each family member is going to be just as excited and enthusiastic, well-behaved and thankful for all your hard work planning this special adventure.... then, reality sets in before the car is even packed. . . fighting over suitcases, who gets to sit in the window seat, which movie to watch in the minivan. . . potty stops five minutes after leaving home . . . what can you do to get this adventure back on track?

Here are some tips

May 23, 2019

School's Out For Summer! Let's Make a Summer Reading List Together.

You know you just sang that line in your head.  At least those of us over the age of 30something should be familiar with that famous line from Alice Cooper's song.

Nonetheless, whether you are familiar or not, school is out or nearly out for most of the US.  And with a whole summer ahead, what better to post about than Summer Reading for kids of all ages.  I have an entire list of some of my family's favorite books and choices for reading this summer.

What I don't know is, what is on YOUR list?

Mom Loves 2 Read is making a Summer Reading List that will be posted and updated as followers and visitors comment below with suggestions of favorites, classics and new TBR books that are recommended for kids of all ages.

So, please start commenting below with the  Title and Author of the book, and what age range you feel it is best for.  I will add them to the list (see button on right side of blog)

0-5 (Infant - Preschool)
5-10  (Elementary)
10-15 (Middle Grade)
15-21 (Young Adult)
18+  (Adult - clean only please

(feel free to add the genre: mystery, romance, sci-fi)

May 16, 2019

Hailee by Penny Zeller ~ another amazing review

Hailee by Penny Zeller
Montanna Skies Series #3 

At twenty years of age, Nathaniel Maxwell Adams Jr., better known as Nate, fulfills a prophecy he made eleven years prior by moving to Pine Haven. What he hadn't planned in his youth, though, was to become a pastor, especially since his parents adamantly oppose the idea. So, as he shepherds a flock in the growing Montana town, he feels called to another smaller yet no less significant mission field: his mother and father.

For years, orphan Hailee Annigan was just a ragamuffin, roaming the Cincinnati streets trying to keep food in the mouths of her two younger brothers and herself. This often meant thieving, which landed her in the Sanctuary of Hope, a home for delinquent youngsters. There, her life changed, thanks to her patient, loving teachers. Now, at eighteen, she pursues a dream to become a teacher herself and bravely accepts a position in Montana. She still has faith that she'll find her brothers again someday, but for now, she's ready to put the past behind her.

When their paths converge in Pine Haven, their lives begin to overlap in ways they can't ignore. And they must discover if God intends for their destinies to converge, as well.

(spoilers ahead. . . . )

I was  drawn to the main character Hailee from the beginning of the book.  Her story of love and sacrifice for her younger brothers endeared her to me right away.  I was captivated

May 10, 2019

20 Recipes Kids Should Know by Esme Washburn

Kids of all ages love to help Mom and Dad in the kitchen.  From stirring the cake batter to trying to crack eggs without dropping shell pieces in the mix, kids love to learn how to create fun foods.  To promote this love of cooking, having kid-friendly cookbooks with easy recipes is a great way to provide independence and creativity in the kitchen.  Here is one of my new favorite recipe books just for kids ~ ~ ~ written by kids!

20 Recipes Kids Should Know by Esme Washburn

The perfect book for children, this fun and engaging cookbook is written and photographed by a pair of young sisters for budding chefs.

Whether they're helping stir cake batter or producing their own YouTube cooking channel, kids of all ages are getting increasingly busy in the kitchen. This cookbook features twenty classic recipes that are fun, healthy, adaptable, and easy to prepare. From banana bread and the perfect grilled cheese to breaded chicken and apple pie, each recipe is written in a clear, accessible style that young cooks of every level will be able to follow. The author is a young chef whose love of

Dec 7, 2018

National Geographic is Poetic ~ Review: The Poetry of US

The Poetry of US  (ages 8-12, $24.99)   contains more than 200 poems, all showcasing the diverse people and places of of the United States. Curated by former U.S. Children’s Poet Laureate J Patrick Lewis, familiar verses and brand new voices accompany striking photographs as the reader embarks on a literary trip through all 50 states and the many cultures, traditions, histories and passions that define us.    

Poems are arranged by region, from coast to coast, and among them are works by Langston Hughes, Dorothy Parker, Robert Frost, Naomi Shihab Nye, Walt Whitman, and more. Reflecting the United States’ melting pot of people, the distinctive voices of immigrant and minority writers as well as poems in Spanish, Arabic, and Korean with accompanying translations into English are also featured.  

From the familiar to the surprising, subjects include people, places, landmarks, monuments, nature, and celebrations. Inspiring, thought-provoking and  particularly timely, this collection of poetry and photography eloquently reveals the spirit that unites US.      

Early praise for  The Poetry of US :
“ expansive gathering, with dazzling visuals” - Kirkus

Celebrate the gift of language and the vibrant culture of the United States with this collection of classic and never-before-published poetry. Poems are arranged by region, from coast to coast,and are designed for family sharing, but geared to younger readers, this beautifully illustrated treasury is a must-have for the family bookshelf.

With three children ages 10 to 17, plus several nieces ranging from age 2 through 7; there is a lot of opportunity for reading and family enjoyment of books in my house.  Poetry is one of those subjects that I personally love but have trouble getting many of the kiddos to read or listen to.  The Poetry of US is a wonderful book that has easy to read and understand poetry that caters to kids (and adults) of all ages.  Even the 17 year old boy got involved reading to the younger girls.  I loved the cultural poems in the variety of languages that were translated into English.  

A book I recommend for any household!

Affiliate link for purchase:  AMAZON
Disclosure: I received free the item(s) mentioned in this post in exchange for my honest review. Regardless ~ All my reviews are my honest and personal opinion. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255: “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.”.

May 23, 2018

Summertime BLUES ~ what happens when the children run amok!

I found this post that I had put on my blog a few years ago.  Summer Break is coming fast and I have only a few outings planned for the kiddos.  I want to keep them busy, yet still give them time for carefree fun. 

I am interested in ideas!  What do you do with your kiddos during breaks from school when you are not gone on vacation?  I do have some chores for them but also want some fun ideas that are low-cost to entertain them and also stimulate their minds.   Here is what happened in the previous post . . . . . .

When in doubt about how to get the kiddos to get along during school breaks - separate them.

May 22, 2018

What happens when the bride wears BLUE? Find out in this review!

The Bride Wore Blue
by Mona Hodgson
The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek—Book 3

Headed toward a fresh start but tethered by her past, Vivian longs to break free, to find forgiveness and love.

At last, the sisters are reunited! The youngest Sinclair, the family“ baby”, is moving from Maine to Cripple Creek, Colorado and joining Kat, Nell, and Ida. But Vivian is a young woman with a will of her own, and made some decisions back in Portland that have begun to haunt her. Will she be able to live up to the expectations of her three perfect and now happily-settled sisters?

The sisters warmly welcome Vivian to the mountain west, but the wild-and-woolly mining town isn’t ripe with opportunities for a respectable young woman. The youngest Sinclair sister is determined to make her own way, so when she’s offered a job as a