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Sep 15, 2015

Muay Thai Training in Thailand – A Growing Travel Trend

Welcome to Mom Loves 2 Read.  Today I have a special Guest Post about an amazing over seas travel destination ~ Thailand!

Muay Thai Training Thailand

Travelling in foreign countries for various purposes has started since the Middle Age. Today, thanks to the fast progress of technology, people have many different transportation options which make travelling much easier. This is the reason why the number of foreign tourists in every country is increasing every year. People want to travel abroad in order to learn more about some countries, to relax and enjoy the time spent there.  Of course, if they have the chance to improve their health while they are staying there, their trip will be even better. If you are interested in something like that, feel free to travel to Thailand.

Thailand is a truly amazing country and everyone that has visited this Asian kingdom can confirm

Aug 30, 2015

How Cool Is that! My Kids Shine when riding their bikes with Super Bright Rim Lights #bikelights

What do your kids do when it is too dark to ride their bikes in the evening?  Do they whine? fuss? throw a fit?  I know I do (LOL)  Now they can ride a LITTLE longer with Longer Lasting Rim Lights - plus they just look so darn cool!

  • Light up your bike at night with the Speed Racer rim lights - Choose from three different styles
  • Motion sensor LED technology ensures durability along with 50,000 hours of lifetime
  • Easy to install - simple attach LED wheel flash light to valve stem on bike. Fits almost all

Aug 23, 2015

LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carrier with more carry positions that most other carriers! #lillelove Check it out! {Review}

The LÍLLÉbaby COMPLETE baby carriers combines more carrying positions, lasts longer, and includes more features than any other baby carrier. The All Seasons line features an adjustable center panel: zip up for warmth and zip down to reveal cool, breathable, 3D mesh.

1. SIX ERGONOMIC CARRYING POSITIONS – Includes every carrying position without the need for an infant insert: Front-fetal, Front-infant, Front-outward, Front- toddler, Hip and Back carry. 

The COMPLETE grows with your child through

Jul 17, 2015

Check out the Deals for Wisconsin Dells Area ~ Ripley's Believe It Or Not ~ Wizard Quest and More! #coupons @usfg

Discover the world's oddities at Ripley's Believe It or Not in the Wisconsin Dells. Featuring three floors with 11 amazing galleries, you will experience puzzling illusions as you examine the large eclectic collection of odd and interesting things you will never see anywhere else. Become an explorer and survive the curse of King Tut as

Jun 7, 2015

Summer is here . . . Travel tips for Family Vacation, what do you do?

Are you in need of some ideas for your next family vacation trip?  Kids getting on your nerves fighting with each other in the car?  Tired of them always playing electronic games the whole trip?  Well, you are in luck!

I am working on the plans to keep my 3 kids ages "almost 14", 10 and 7 not only occupied and entertained during our LONG road trip to Maryland and Virginia in a couple weeks, but also quiet and not fussing/fighting with each other and driving mom and dad crazy.
I have compiled some tips online, from friends and some that I have personally implemented to share

Jun 10, 2014

{Review & Flash GIVEAWAY} StaySharp Commuter Cuff from Exposed Seam ~ ends 6/16

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Velcro strap just not cutting it anymore? Maybe it’s time to check out the StaySharp Commuter Cuff from Exposed Seam. We all know that if you’re riding to work in your casual pants, you had better do something about that cuff before it gets greasy, or worse – caught in the chain and torn up. Many cyclists simply roll up

May 16, 2014

{Review} Lots to do in Line at DISNEY ~ the perfect entertainment for waiting in line!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links:
How many times have you had to wait in line with kiddos, only for them to turn from "perfectly behaved angels" into cranky little terrors?  Not to mention how aggravating it can be for adults to wait in line patiently, but then to deal with bored and frustrated kiddos can turn a fun family vacation into a nightmare.

Well, author Meredith Lyn Pierce has come up with a unique and fun way to entertain not only the kids but the adults too while waiting for a ride at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.   She has taken the annoying

{Review & Coupons} Planning a Trip to DISNEY? Check out this review before you go! #disney

Book Description  
Design magical vacations with this F U L L C O L O R travel guide and planning system for everyone's favorite playground ... fully updated for 2014! Fourteen built-in organizer pockets keep plans, maps, and memories all in one place, and the full-color travel guide includes everything you need to plan the perfect vacation. All Disney parks and resort hotels are described in depth, with ratings,

May 15, 2014

{Review} Cold Steel Kudu Knife ~ Strong, Durable, Reliable Swords, Knives and More!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Swords of the East, Inc. offers a large selection of functional Japanese Samurai swords and authentic, functional katana for collectors and practicing martial artists. They also offer a selection of knives, American War Swords, and much much more.

You'll also find premium Japanese swords from Cold Steel, Paul Chen swords by Hanwei, authentic Samurai swords hand-forged from Imperial Forge and Thaitsuki Nihonto, and competition-grade katana swords from

Apr 27, 2014

Having a Fun Vacation does not mean you break the bank ~ Here are some ways to save money and still have a great family vacation

Disclosure:  This post is brought to you by Julie Brooks

How to Save Money in Your Family Holiday Break

If you are worried about how you can possibly afford to get away on a family holiday this year don’t despair, there are plenty of things you can do to reduce the costs of this break. Spending less money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fun and comfort, it often just requires making better informed choices. So let’s look at some of the cost-saving tips that is going to allow your family to have a much deserved holiday break this year.

How to choose the right tour operator

A package holiday is usually the best way to go if you are trying to save money. Low-cost family holidays can be achieved if you’ll compare major tour operators to find the best packages that perfectly complement your budget. There are some amazing deals to be found – especially if you are willing to be flexible about

Jan 31, 2014

Keep dry in any situation with Shandali Microfiber Travel Towel - Read my Review on Mom Loves 2 Read.

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

The Shandali Travel Towel is Brand New and Exclusive to This new microfiber quick drying towel absorbes wetness to help you stay dry all day long.

The Shandali UltraSport Travel Towel is a multi-purpose towel that allows you to use

Jan 5, 2014

Check out the NEW Zeepo Strapless Sleep Mask Review & Giveaway on Mom Loves 2 Read

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial. Sleep masks are one of the best things you can use to help you sleep in almost any situation.  As a person who needs darkness to be comfortable enough to fall asleep, I personally have had trouble getting enough sleep when on trips unless I find a way to block out light from hotel windows and doors.

I have even hung bath towels, coats and even clothing from the sides of doors and used hair clips and shoes to try to block out light from hotel curtains.  Often that does not work and

Dec 2, 2013

Presto Photo - the online place for your photo book, cards and calendar needs ~ Review on Mom Loves 2 Read

 I ordered two different products for this review from!  I found that they have a pretty good selection of photo books, cards and products for everyday or holiday needs.

The process is fairly easy.   First step is to upload whatever photos you plan to use in your book.  Then drag and drop them into the available photo slots, Design the type of cover you want, then preview the finished product and order.

Nov 22, 2013

Alphabet Aliens make learning to read fun for preschool children ~ Review on Mom Loves 2 Read

Each book in the Alphabet Aliens series is its own adventure, focusing on a unique alien character and a particular letter of the alphabet: Alphie has an anteater whoʼs allergic to apples; Bebe was born to bounce, but not on the bed; and Coco can change color, just like her pet chameleon.

The books are great to read aloud and have the added educational benefit of phonetic alliteration and the introduction of a few challenging but fun new words.  There's a guide to "tricky words" in the back of each book.  

The books have bold retro illustrations and are small enough to be easily thrown in a bag or even a pocket. 

Nov 16, 2013

Mighty Handle Giveaway - Just in Time for the Busy Shopping Season ~ Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Welcome to the Mighty Handle Giveaway Event
hosted by Life in a House of Testosterone
and co-hosted by Mom Loves 2 Read .

It does not matter where I go, every time I pull out my Mighty Handle and start loading up my bags on it to carry them out to the car, people ask me every single time, "Where did you get that?" or I hear, "Did you see that? Isn't that neat? I need to get one of those!" WITHOUT FAIL . IT REALLY HAPPENS .

Nov 14, 2013

Glasstic Glass Water Bottle - Save plastic by using Glasstic ~ Review - Holiday Gift Guide 2013

The Glasstic Glass Water Bottle is perfect for all of your favorite beverages.  It keeps your drinks free from plastic by having a glass bottle insert, but has a strong outer layer of plastic to keep it from being easily broken if dropped.  It is a great new design for on the go, around the house or anytime you need to have a cold drink handy.

Need more reason to choose Glasstic?  How about these great reasons . . .

It is Shatterproof: Designed with a glass insert on the inside of a durable plastic outer casing that helps protect from breakage while providing containment and shatter proofing even if the glass does break.  Our customers love that we offer glass insert replacements for the life of the product for just the cost of shipping.  This encourages reuse.

I personally use mine all around my home, in the car, on the go and any chance I get.  I love this new style of travel bottle - much better than plastic ones!

Nov 8, 2013

FouFou Pet ~ protect your pet's paws this winter with Fou-Stick

Protecting the Paws of the World!

FouFou Pet has come out with a NEW product to protect your pets' paws. It is 100% all natural. Moisturizes cracked paws, protects against winter salt and hot pavement.

Made with soothing ingredients. It is transparent and leaves no residues. It's also in a travel size so you can bring it anywhere.

Oct 16, 2013

Looking for Healthy School Snack and Lunch Options? Check this out!

Put a Snack Pack in a Back Pack Contest

Cedar's All Natural Snack Packs make the perfect addition to kid's and adults' lunchbox, backpack or just on the go healthy eating.  Right Now Cedar's is hosting a  “Put a Snack Pack in a Back Pack” contest to motivate YOU to put “healthy” into your kids’ backpacks!

Here are some of Cedar’s Snack Packs that are offered in 7 delicious flavors and are packed with healthy goodness:

Oct 11, 2013

Choose to Be Nice T-shirts and Movement Review on Mom Loves 2 Read

The Story:
Choose To Be Nice is a long time coming! Dina Creiger, Founder, kicked around the crazy idea of encouraging and inspiring kindness for a couple of years. An unexpected tragedy, the Boston Marathon Bombings, compelled her to finally move forward.

Since that awful day Dina hasn’t stopped thinking about how the world truly is ready for Choose To Be Nice, a dedication to inspiring and encouraging kindness. After all, even in today’s fast-paced, sometimes impersonal world, you still catch more flies with honey than vinegar.

Oct 9, 2013

School Lunches, Family Travel, Picnics and More with Cool Gear ~ Review & Giveaway on Mom Loves 2 Read 
Cool Lunches with Cool Gear!

My two older children LOVE to take their lunches to school.  With the new food rules about healthier school lunches, my kids eat at school less and less than they used to.  The 'whole wheat' breads and buns often taste stale to them, and many of the side items are weird and do not taste as the kids think they should.  So sorry "healthier" lunch options, but my kids are not fond of your taste, textures, funny looking broccoli or weird dried apricots and beets for side dishes.