Feb 28, 2013

Kea The Third Way by Alki Nea ~ Middle Grade Fairy Adventure

From Amazon.com:
It all started when Kea and Leo came to visit at the end of last summer.
They were in their early teens, but talked as adults who've been
through a lot. And they had! They wanted me to write their story. Kea
said it had deep implications for the future. I only understood what she
meant when she opened her ... I'm carried away; I should start from the
beginning, after Kea's house burnt mysteriously and they had to flee
from a dark organization that hunted them farther than New York, and ...
No, hold on, that's not the most important. What is, is how solemn Kea
was that day when she explained me that some things are difficult to
understand when you are standing in the middle of it. You have to step
aside and see it from a different perspective to comprehend its nature
and significance. For Kea, she had to go into a mystifying world to
understand how alarming the Sixth extinction is. And we are all
responsible. This is her story.

Feb 27, 2013

Best Pain Relief I've found ~ Now I'm sharing it with YOU!

Noxicare™ Natural Pain Relief is a breakthrough natural, patented pain relief formula that is a proprietary combination of 7 of the world’s most potent natural pain relievers that quickly and effectively alleviate inflammation, muscle aches and nerve pain (burning feet)—with NO known side effects and without a prescription.

My Review:
I suffer from frequent pain.  I am in some pain nearly every day, with severe "migraine" type pain from previous back, neck and joint injuries.  I have tried quite a few different over the counter and prescription pain pills, ointments, and herbal remedies with little to no relief.  But, when I started using Noxicare cream, I found the ONLY topical pain reliever that actually reduces the pain from my tight joints and muscles and lessens my pain so that it is tolerable.  Several times I used it when I felt the pain getting worse, and within less than an hour later, I realized my pain was actually GONE.  No pills or ointments I've previously used have ever taken my pain levels down that quickly or completely removed mild to moderate pain.  I must say I am very impressed with this cream, and plan to continue using it.  I also personally plan to try out the pill form and see what results I get using both together!  I highly recommend this Noxicare natural pain relief cream to anyone who suffers from pain like I do!

Feb 19, 2013

SHMILY ~ A great way to spread love, share yourself and win something for the whole family!

These wooden coins are based on the SHMILY story, where a couple wrote "SHMILY" to each other for years to tell each other "See How Much I Love You!"

In addition to nurturing marriages through this playful game of hiding them for each other to find, SHMILY coins are a great way for families to have fun surprising one another with good deeds and positive messages.

For examples and more great ideas ~ read the whole SHMILY story here: http://www.shmilycoins.com/SHMILY-story.html

With Valentine's Day (Feb. 14) and the National Marriage Week (Feb. 10-16) all in the same month I thought this was the perfect time to post my review (and giveaway) of SHMILY coins.

Keep your Tootsies Toasty with Nature's Sleep Slippers!

 Nature's Sleep
 I recently had the opportunity to review a pair of slippers provided to me from Nature’s Sleep, and I chose the Open Toe Terry Slippers with Memory Foam.  As Nature Sleep describes them
"Take a walk in the clouds and slip your feet into these open-toe terry slippers. The visco-elastic memory foam in the bottom of the sole contours and cradles your foot for luxurious comfort and support with each and every step. The warm, soft terry fabric ensures your feet stay cozy all year round."
ONE lucky winner will get their choice of a FREE pair of Nature's Sleep Slippers!

Feb 14, 2013

Monster Jam rocks ~ great entertainment!

Mom Loves 2 Read Goes to see Monster Jam!

Do you like BIG trucks? How about BIG trucks smashing and racing other trucks and more?  Then keep reading to find out what happened when I took my husband and son to see Monster Jam on Feb 1st.

The twelve-feet-tall, ten-thousand-pound machines rocked the night by smashing cars, competing against each other in several competitions and entertaining the crowd with lots of fun!

My son and his friend loved watching Grave Digger - the star of the night compete against 5 other amazing Monster Trucks.  Although the entertainment was LOUD, we enjoyed being very close to the action.  Our seats were amazing, the trucks and drivers were great!  and the fun was contagious.  

My son's favorite parts of the night were when Grave Digger kept winning all the events, and when the "green car" came out with a jet engine in the back and warmed up the arena - I also personally enjoyed the 4-wheeler races and the free style contest!

Another amazing event from Feld Family Entertainment!

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