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Sep 2, 2017

Celebrate Grandparent's Day with GrandBox and Save with a special discount! #my_grandbox

Do grandma and grandpa live too far away for the kiddos to see often?  Do you wonder how they are doing and if you should be checking up on them more?  How about a fun way to show you care just in time for Grandparent's Day!?!

GrandBox is a

Oct 19, 2015

Brieftons Food Choppers make cooking safe, easy and fun! #Brieftons

Have you e ver wished there was something that can take the hard work out of chopping vegetables and fruits?

Or ever wondered how to NOT get watery eyes while cutting onions?  If so, the Brieftons Food Chopper is your answer!

This versatile tool makes quick work out of tough cutting/chopping tasks , and it's so easy to assemble, use and care for.

And if you  hate getting watery eyes when chopping onions , this will solve it all for you. With the lid on top and onions inside the bowl,

Oct 16, 2015

Nancy Drew®: Sea of Darkness ~ Come on a new Adventure, Solve puzzles and Interview Suspects #NancyDrew

Nancy Drew®: Sea of Darkness

Set a Course for Danger and Discovery!
The celebrated ship “Heerlijkheid,” is usually the centerpiece of an Icelandic town’s local festival. Now that its captain has disappeared, the renovated vessel has become an eerie distraction. Did Captain Magnus sail away with a legendary treasure, or was he carried off into the night? Take the helm as detective Nancy Drew and set a course for the Sea of Darkness!

Aug 28, 2015

The Rainbow Egg by Linda Hendricks, M.D. ~ #review

Hope is a chicken who happens upon an egg. Looking for a place to help raise it, a guardian red bird leads her to a chicken house full of chicken families. 

There she finds challenges and fear ultimately leading to the most precious gift she could ever hope for. 

The Rainbow Egg  is a beautifully illustrated, delightful fresh look at adoption as a loving gift.

Review :
I believe that for young children, and even some older ones too, it is usually much easier to explain difficult things in life

Aug 26, 2015

Capture the Moment with inspired techniques to help make photos into amazing memories #review

This modern guide to photography pairs big, bold images with short, focused tips for translating everyday life into stunning works of art. Featuring contributions by the members of Clickin Moms, the photography industry’s largest social network of female photographers, this guide captures the beauty of family life—whether it’s a child’s

Jul 18, 2015

Passport 2 Purity ~ Heart to Heart time with your teen or preteen~ #REVIEW #PASSPORT2PURITY #FLYBY

 Our children’s innocence is under attack, and parents cannot win the battle with a single awkward "birds and the bees" talk or a strict set of rules. The  Passport2Purity Getaway Kit  helps build heart-to-heart communication between you and your pre-teen while laying a foundation of purity that will prepare them for the turbulent years ahead.

With the Passport2Purity Getaway Kit we as parents have the opportunity to take our teen or preteen aside and spend one-on-one time helping them see the dangers ahead and teaching them ways to deal with what is to come.  I took the time to look through the materials in the

Aug 24, 2014

Lifebank USA ~ Saving more cells. Storing more hope. $500 Contest and information #sp

There’s only one opportunity to save your baby’s stem cells for the future...
As an expectant parent, your baby’s health means everything. Right now, he or she is protected in the womb and will soon enter the world. There is a lot to think about and prepare for, but an invaluable step you can take when your child is born is to preserve his/her stem-cell rich cord and placenta blood The ability of stem

Jul 25, 2014

The Practical Prepper Blog Tour, Guest Post, #Review ~ Come find out how my family is preparing for the next emergency

About the book:
Earthquakes, hurricanes, civil unrest, economic troubles- no one knows when the next disaster will strike. Will you be prepared? With everything from cooking in a crisis to home security and protection, “The Practical Prepper” is the ultimate guide to making timely preparations for an uncertain future. You don’t need to bug out to be safe; be ready in the protection of your own home during any

Jun 3, 2014

{Review} Food Recipes & More ~ A great way to feed your family right in your email inbox weekly with eMeals!

How It Works:
To Start Receiving eMeals, simply choose a meal plan from the variety available based on your eating style, family size and your favorite grocery store. -

Once you have made your choice, pay for the service and you will start receiving new recipes including shopping lists with all ingredients right to your email inbox every week!  Inside this email you will find 7 simple and creative,

Jan 29, 2014

A wonderful book to help children understand Alzheimer's disease ~ Review of Green Kitty by Alexandra Faer Bryan

Called a book for all ages, Green Kitty was written for children ages 8 to 12 to help explain Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, and is both entertaining and educational. It was a finalist for both USA Book News "Best Books 2011" and "International Book of the Year 2012" in children's fiction, and is filled with true, laugh-out-loud animal antics. Green Kitty will please any child who loves their pets and parents will enjoy

Jan 1, 2014

Mom Rings in the New 2014 with a To Do Task List - What is your 2014 going to bring?

Ok it is the very first day of a brand New Year - and what am I doing?  Searching the internet to help me decide what my "New Year's Resolutions" will be and how I can actually achieve them.  After finding that I have been online for nearly 3 hours, I've finally come to the realization that making "resolutions" is the wrong way for me to start my New Year (plus getting off the computer might be a good place to start as well - lol)

So, starting now, I am working on a more reasonable "New Year's Task List" that I will check off as I accomplish each little Step of Each Task - making smaller goals that are easier to achieve and give a sense of accomplishment and purpose to start out this 2014!

Task #1 - Take Care of My Needs

As a Stay At Home Mom in a One income Family - I usually ignore my personal wants and sometimes even my needs in order to take care of

Dec 23, 2013

XBOX ONE - Win 1 today on Mom Loves 2 Read! #Giveaway

Now that Christmas is over and the gift are all unwrapped, what do you do about those gifts that just didn't make it under the tree this year?  You go online and enter to WIN them of course -
My 12 year old son would LOVE to have an Xbox - it is one thing that I will not purchase for him, but told him he would have to save up his own money to buy - BUT if we were to WIN one -that would be even better - here is your chance (and mine too) to try to win the NEW Xbox One!  Check it out!

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Dec 10, 2013

Check out this amazing Gift Idea - Great for Couples, Kids, Friends and More - Customizable Coupon Books - Review & Giveaway - Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.
Create a one-of-a-kind love coupon book.
You pick from over 100 cover options categorized by occasion.
Next, you choose the date options from over 500 original illustrations and customize the text to your liking. We print and ship your book to you.  We have date options for kids, parents, and couples.
And now, you can even add photos of your own faces to our illustrations (or use Datevitation's default cartoon faces)!
This is the perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas or romantic gift for Valentine's Day. 

Dec 2, 2013

Presto Photo - the online place for your photo book, cards and calendar needs ~ Review on Mom Loves 2 Read

 I ordered two different products for this review from!  I found that they have a pretty good selection of photo books, cards and products for everyday or holiday needs.

The process is fairly easy.   First step is to upload whatever photos you plan to use in your book.  Then drag and drop them into the available photo slots, Design the type of cover you want, then preview the finished product and order.

Dec 1, 2013

Kamik ~ Great Boots at Great Prices - Review on Mom Loves 2 Read - Holiday Gift Guide 2013

When I found the chance to work on a review of Kamik Boots - I was quite excited.  With a family of 5 purchasing new winter boots each year can be a daunting and often expensive task.  Finding not only boots that will Last all winter, but also be cute and fun to wear while holding up to the wear and tear of three rambunctious and active kiddos is one that I do not usually look forward to each Fall season.

Nov 23, 2013

Be comfy in style for the Holidays with MeUndies - Holiday Gift Guide 2013 review

How do we do it?

Top quality designer underwear sells for 10 times what it costs to make. By eliminating brick and mortar stores, retail middlemen and brand licensing fees we can pass the savings to our customers and deliver top quality underwear right to their door.

Why we do it?

Coming Home for Christmas DVD family movie & Norman Rockwell Print - Review and GIVEAWAY ~ Holiday Gift Guide 2013

About the Movie :
Sisters Kate and Melanie haven't spoken to each other in years, since a hurtful scene at Melanie's wedding. Their parents, Wendy and Al, have let the pain of their daughters' absence drive a wedge between them, and their tensions have led to a separation.

Kate is determined to reunite the entire family for Christmas, and has the perfect spot . . . their old family home.  The only problem is there's someone else living there now.

"Home is Where the Heart Is"

Nov 2, 2013

Preserve your child's special artwork with a custom created Friend from Budsies! Review & Giveaway

What do you do with all those fantastic pictures your little ones make - you know the ones I mean.  They draw and color something special just for Mom or Dad or Grandma, then it gets hung on the fridge for a while.  Until the next drawing is put up in it's place.  Then they bring home more and more from school, church, and just everyday art work.  Which ones do you keep? Which go on the fridge and which end up in a box in the basement or attic?

What do you think is a fun way to preserve some of your child's favorite pictures?
What if you could turn a favorite photo into a special friend for you child.  Something cuddly created by your child for your child!  It can be animals, people or even objects like flowers, cars or whatever their imagination creates!

Oct 29, 2013

Audrey Bunny by Angie Smith ~ An Amazing Children's book Review & GIVEAWAY on Mom Loves 2 Read

About Audrey Bunny

From best-selling women’s author Angie Smith ( I Will Carry You, Mended ) comes this sweet children’s book about a stuffed animal named Audrey Bunny who fears her imperfections make her unworthy of a little girl’s love. She'll learn the truth soon enough, and young readers will learn that everyone is special and wonderfully made by God.

[Also included]: The Parent Connection (last page of the book) shares discussion questions and activities reinforcing God's love for us.

Angie Smith is the wife of Todd Smith (lead singer of Dove Award winning group Selah), best-selling author of Mended , I Will Carry You , and What Women Fear , and one of the most popular speakers and blog writers in the country. She holds a Master’s degree in Developmental Psychology from Vanderbilt University and lives with her husband and daughters in Nashville, TN.  
Find out more about Angie Smith and her books

Spirituality for Kids ~ a free online program that encourages children to make a difference in the world around them! Review on Mom Loves 2 Read

Spirituality For Kids is a free online program that you and your child can do together. Don’t wait another minute!

Spirituality for Kids is back with an entertaining, self-guided program that encourages children to reflect on their actions, to see challenges as opportunities, to develop self-worth, and to activate the desire to make a difference in the world around them. 

To make sure the child is grasping the concepts, there are five “checkpoints” throughout the lessons. Each “checkpoint” is an activity that will help the parent measure their child’s understanding of the spiritual concepts covered along the way. If you notice your child is having a challenging time understanding a concept, revisit a video lesson more than once and discuss a concept together several times.

Spirituality for Kids is a completely self-paced and flexible program based upon your child’s needs. You can determine the amount of time needed for each lesson, be that a single day or stretched out over a longer period of time.