8 signs your dog loves you

Have you always wanted to know what your pet thinks and feels? Why is it so afraid of a thunderstorm? Or does it love you? Many studies show that all dogs show their emotions in the same way. This behavior is the result of humans and dogs living together for several thousand years. We are so accustomed to each other that our pets have developed unique ways of expressing their affection for a person. DogRook has prepared an article in which you will learn about some of the signs that will help you understand if your dog loves you.

It spends as much time as possible with you

The best place in the house is next to the owner. When a dog is not busy with his important dog business, it tends to spend time with a loved one. To people who are not interested in her, it will prefer to chase pigeons or dig up a flower bed.

The dog is glad to see you back home

Crazy joy after your return home is another clear sign that you are loved and expected. A dog will never be happy with the arrival of a person to whom it is indifferent.

It calmly accepts your leaving

It is generally accepted that the stormy experiences of an animal before you leave are a sign of strong affection and love. But in reality, everything is a little different. If the dog reacts completely calmly to your leaving, it means that he trusts you and is sure that you will return.

Your dog sleeps with you

A loving dog will always want to sleep next to you in your bed. Of course, if you give it permission.

Comes to you to lie just after eating

After eating, the dog concentrates on the most important things. And if, after eating, it spins around you, lies down next to you or wants to climb on her knees, this is how she expresses its love.

Its best toys are your toys

If your dog brings you its favorite ball or teddy bear, you shouldn't always take it as a call to play. First of all, it is a sign of affection and a desire to please you. Maybe you will like this toy too.

Your dog snuggles up to you

Sometimes the dog will cuddle up to its owner because it is nervous or afraid, which in itself is a demonstration of trust and confidence in your ability to protect it. However, this is also a sign of true love. And also the desire to play, chat or go for a walk.

The dog licks you with pleasure

Even though it is not very hygienic, licking is the best way for dogs to express their love.

How do you feel about your dog?

Scientists believe that dogs feel the attitude of others. Love your pet, and it will surely love you back.