Services with Virtual Numbers to Create Ebay Account

People prefer having several accounts on various platforms, such as: Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, Yahoo and Ebay. This is done to, for example, separate their private and business accounts. Also, more and more people are concerned with their privacy. This can be explained with a large number of Internet frauds and hackers.

All the aforementioned platforms including Ebay want your personal phone directory and some other data in order to pass registration. However, you don’t know how exactly this data can be used in future. The biggest issue is with the phone number. The registration cannot be completed until you receive a verification SMS with the code on your phone directory.

That is why people prefer using virtual phone directories  instead of their real ones. Such services guarantee a high anonymity level and provide a large variety of phone directories from different mobile providers and countries. There are both free and paid virtual number services.

Having checked different options, it is possible to come up with top 3 Web-sites that allow getting free SMS for verification on Ebay and many other online platforms. Here is the information gathered about the top 3 free virtual numb services.


This company supports Ebay and many other social platforms. You can use its phone directories for free if you want to test how its online sim sms work first. OnlineSim offers free numbers from the UK, Kazakhstan, Russia and Philippines. Meanwhile the paid option has as much as 10000+ virtual directories from more than 30 countries around the globe.

This service offers 6 virtual phone directories free of charge. 3 of them are British and the other 3 are Swedish. It works properly and does not have any major troubles. Hopefully, in future will be able to offer more virtual phone numbers from multiple countries.

Sellaite SMS Receiver

You can receive free messages with this service. Its phone numbs come from Estonia. In case any of the virtual directories do not work, Sellaite SMS Receiver does everything to remove such a number as soon as possible.

It’s up to you to decide which Web-site is best to receive sms now online. However, you might want to pay attention on the next things while making your choice:

  • reliability of the company;

  • the variety of numbers and countries;

  • proper work of the service.

If you need such a service for a long-time usage, count on all these things before choosing. Also, certain companies offer their virtual directories for rent if needed, but this is mostly for paid options.