Oct 22, 2010

Book Review Policies

PR Friendly :
I absolutely love Reviewing and Blogging about family friendly books and products.  Besides being a mommy, it is one of the most fulfilling and enjoyable things I do.  I enjoy spending quality time immersing myself in the wonderful world of fiction as well as testing out products to share with my wonderful followers and friends.  I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm for books and products on my blog, Mom Loves 2 Read , with anyone willing to peruse my reviews.

~~~   MOM LOVES 2 READ   Book Review Policies ~~~

*   Honest reviews :  My reviews are always my personal opinion only. I will only post reviews that I have thought through and feel are honest both to myself and the sponsor.  If I feel a book is well-written, but I did not particularly enjoy it, I will state that honestly in my review.  If I do not like a product, I will  honestly state the reasons why.

* I accept both Print and Digital Format for books – Yes I do still prefer print, but will also accept Kindle (mobi) format as well.  If neither of these formats are available I can read PDF but it will take longer for my review.
* I am available to participate in Blog/Book Tours, Product Promotions and Blog Hops, Giveaway Hops and promotional events.
* I do accept print books, ebooks (prefer kindle format), product samples, swag, or other items from authors/publishers, companies and promoters for reviews, giveaways and promotional events.   I do not charge a "fee" for posting as long as a review book is provided free to me.  Please see my advertising page for more information.

* Giveaways are a great way to promote books and authors.  If a giveaway is done along with my review
 I ask that the author/publisher or company be responsible for postage and should decide whether to send giveaway items to the US, US & Canada, or International.  Sponsor is responsible for ALL giveaway prize shipping and delivery to winners. 
* When sending me review information for books: please include the author/publisher, synopsis of the novel, the cover if available, the release date and any other pertinent data.

*  I am a fast reader, but I will first and foremost take time for the needs of my family.  I will give an honest estimate of how long I believe it will take me to read completely through a book, or use and test a product -  and write a thoughtful honest review.  Most of the time I will complete the book/product review on or before the deadline I set.  

**  Since I most often have several books on hand at one time to read, and in order to give you a thoughtful and concise review require a reasonable amount of time in which to review your book. Your patience is appreciated, and we will be happy to contact you when our review of your book is online. Book reviews normally take anywhere from 1 to 4 months to be posted

*  My reviews are not rated based on a rating scale.  My reviews are written in such a way that I hope they convey my opinion completely and honestly. 
*  I try keep my book reviews as spoiler free as possible, but they do slip in from time to time.  I always encourage my followers to read or test a book/product for themselves and not JUST take my word for it, as all reviews are my personal opinion.


As this is a family-friendly Book Blog, I keep my review books to clean  fiction, christian fiction, children's books and products, and anything I consider clean and family friendly. Keep in mind that this blog audience is made up of primarily of women, parents and teenage girls.  I reserve the right to refuse to post reviews that contain sex, cursing, or violence that I feel is not conducive to the family friendly nature of this blog.

Contact Susan at info@nukescripts.net with review requests.

Updated 10/6/2013