Oct 29, 2010

Start ~ The Bible for new Believers Review

Review of:  START!  The BIBLE for new believers!

A brand-new life of faith begins when we place our trust in Jesus Christ.  What happens next?  Let "Start! The Bible for New Believers" point you in the right direction.  With notes and articles by Greg Laurie; Senior pastor of Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, California; his Bible is the perfect place to begin or renew your life of faith.

I was impressed by this Bible for several reasons.  There are many helpful features including: articles about core Christian beliefs, messages about salvation, index to articles and scriptures, and more.  Many of these features can be accessed in most Bibles sold today.  What impressed me the most about this particular bible, is the entire section in the front devoted to salvation, and spiritual success.  The plan of salvation is clearly and simply outlined; easy to read and understand.  Following the plan of salvation, is a section dedicated to helping the new or renewed christian continue in his or her spiritual walk, and grow in faith.

I believe this bible is a wonderful help for any new christian, but I also believe it would be a valuable asset to any christian's personal library.  As a long time believer, I found wonderful insights and helps in this bible that I have not seen in any others I own or have previously read.  Whether you are searching for answers, a new believer or one who just desires a deeper relationship with Christ; I would definitely recommend purchasing a copy and getting a "Start" on learning more about salvation and growing you faith in Christ.

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