Feb 28, 2013

Kea The Third Way by Alki Nea ~ Middle Grade Fairy Adventure

From Amazon.com:
It all started when Kea and Leo came to visit at the end of last summer.
They were in their early teens, but talked as adults who've been
through a lot. And they had! They wanted me to write their story. Kea
said it had deep implications for the future. I only understood what she
meant when she opened her ... I'm carried away; I should start from the
beginning, after Kea's house burnt mysteriously and they had to flee
from a dark organization that hunted them farther than New York, and ...
No, hold on, that's not the most important. What is, is how solemn Kea
was that day when she explained me that some things are difficult to
understand when you are standing in the middle of it. You have to step
aside and see it from a different perspective to comprehend its nature
and significance. For Kea, she had to go into a mystifying world to
understand how alarming the Sixth extinction is. And we are all
responsible. This is her story.

Kea and Leo have known each other since kindergarten. They live in a rather peaceful suburb, until one day, Kea changes, and in that instant their lives are turned upside down as they are thrown into a fast paced adventure that leads them far from their home, into an unbelievable world. Only then, they realize that our planet, the Earth, is threatened by a massive life extinction similar to the one that wiped out all dinosaurs, 65 million years ago; The Holocene extinction. Only this time, it is us, humans, who are endangering the delicate balance of nature.
Kea, bit by bit, uncovers her clouded past and discovers her roots, but is a relation based on blood stronger than one based on friendship?
Everybody say she has a destiny. They say the future of our worlds is at stake. Kea has become their last hope.
They've convinced her that saving worlds comes before her own life.
Leo needs to help her. He promised Kea's grandmother he would.

My Review:
I love books about fairies.  I love great middle grade and young adult fantasy stories.  I love any good story that has a great message to share, and an author who can relay that message through an intriguing story that keeps my interest from beginning to end.
This book has most of these qualities.

I love Kea and Leo.  I think the story was fast paced and flowed pretty well.  There were a few spots where something happened and then the story continues without resolving the situation.  Overall, I really did enjoy this story and think that many others will as well.

The only things I didn't care for were certain parts of the story that are VERY anti-government, anti-religion and pro-evolution.  The story is heavy with environmental and nature preservation with an emphasis on humans destroying our earth and natural resources, but if you can overlook that, and talk with your kids about the issues and questions they may have after reading this book, then it is a fun and exciting story with some amazing and other-worldly adventures.

Although, I must say I'm still puzzled as to how old Kea and Leo are - I read through the book twice and still couldn't find any reference to their ages.  Just my attention to details getting in my way again - lol.  There is also a constant mention that fairies work together and don't compete - as well as there is no anger or crime - but the main fairies involved in the issue show aggression and prejudice toward humans - hmmm, maybe fairies are more "human" than even they know.

Overall the story is well-written with only a few minor sentence or grammatical errors that most people would overlook.  The fast paced adventure is great for middle grade readers and shows that we do need to think about our environment and try not to be wasteful. 

Check out Kea the Third Way on Amazon HERE - available in print and kindle version!

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