Jan 23, 2015

Upgrading Your Playroom In Style #craft #diy

If I say to you 'the kids playroom', what do you see? 

A cave of abandoned sippy cups, finger painting gone wrong, discarded toys and scribbles on the wall? Wrong. The kids' playroom doesn't need to mean mayhem. With a little creativity and care you can turn this environment from chaotic, into an area where your kids can roam free and express themselves, without taking it out on the wallpaper. While you're at it, you can even help them learn as
they play. Here's a few fun ideas to spruce up the kids' playroom.

Get Creative!

If you're keen for your kids to develop their creative side but minimize the mess then there's a few options to keep both camps happy. Setting up a drawing board and easel encourages budding artists, lets them look and feel the part. So they can get in the zone but keep the painting in one area. Alternatively if you'd like to encourage your kids to personalize their playroom then go all out with drawing-friendly wallpaper. This comes in a variety of styles including those printed with borders and picture frames in a range of sizes. This helps them draw between the lines and create their own 'photos' of friends, family and pets. So they can start their own DIY at an early age!

If that's one step too far then incorporating blackboards and slates into the playroom allows your kids to add their own touch without any permanent damage. This kind of material can be kept to the wall or even a section of flooring so the kids can draw on their own snakes and ladders or hopscotch games with chalk. Adding this material on to storage can also encourage the kids to clean up. For example, chalking labels on to drawers for different items i.e. dolls, crayons and books can help them to learn how to organize their toys and keep the playroom tidy. Alternatively, you could even create a blackboard wall for the kids, meaning endless fun without the worry!

Another option where you can both get involved is sewing. This can turn out to be a lot more fun than it first seems. You can handle the sewing while your kids pitch in with design ideas and pick their favorite colors. You could also choose to invest in a child-friendly sewing machine too so your children can join in entirely and learn a new skill. You can create everything from pillowcases to patchwork style quilts and curtains; with a sewing machine no idea is too big or small.  My girls and I are learning to sew together.  We have a wonderful teacher in their grandmother who sews 18" doll clothes for their American Girl Dolls and other 18" dolls.  She is a great artistic inspiration for our sewing projects.

Another fun way to get creative and crafty is by repurposing items and making them into new and functional things.  My girls and I too this old TV cabinet and turned it into a fun and funky doll clothes wardrobe:


Our latest crafty creations use cardboard boxes and empty cereal boxes to create furniture and accessories for the girls doll collection - they have a lot of fun coming up with new and exciting ways to use what normally would be trash to create fun new treasures!

From designing your own interiors to sketching games and pictures, these are just a few ideas to get you inspired to spruce up your kids' playroom. Adding a personal touch whether it's through sewing your own curtains, or customizing storage, will turn the playroom into a place you'll both love.

Image by hownowdesign used under the Creative Commons license.

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  1. Love the ideas. This would benefit anyone with kids. This would also be a good idea for those Grandparents that have an extra room/space and don't know what to do with it and are having trouble trying to figure out how to keep the grandkids entertained.


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