Mar 10, 2016

Special Guest Post: The Tree is the Ultimate Giver

The Tree is the Ultimate Giver

The Giving Tree written by Shel Silverstein was published on October 7, 1964. This was a book read to me as a child in school and from then on, forever in my heart and mind.

No matter how fuzzy the details, I always remember how the tree was so giving, even to the point of being cut down to a stump.

Published 52 years ago, yet ignites an interesting perspective on today’s climate
change while continuing to reflect on humanity. There’s a lot of climate change clamor going on, more than ever. In the post five decade memoirs behind the meaning of The Giving Tree, could humanity be The Boy?

Here we have this beautiful, sweet and very giving apple tree , giving her harvest and soul to The Boy. Just as trees do for us everyday. They provide us with fresh air, shade and beauty. Wildlife call the tree home and some trees produce a variety of extraordinary fruits and nuts. And what are we doing as humans? Cutting them down, taking them for granted, over consuming products and not doing enough research on corporations to ensure ethical environmental practices.

As we nourish our bodies with apples, we can look upon ourselves as a species and take the time to dig intensely into what’s going on in our industrialized world. We must strive everyday, as individuals and as a community to not be The Boy.

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