Jul 22, 2017

Help! Photobucket Ruined my Blog . . . repairs in progress.

Please bear with me as I try to fix the issue caused by Photobucket trying to get me to PAY for an upgrade to use their site for hosting images.  

I am working on the blog myself so it will take some time to fix the issues.

I appreciate your patience and diligent following!


  1. Same thing happened to me so I feel your pain! I wish that Photobucket had given us advance notice that they were going to start charging for third party hosting instead of springing it on us without warning. Not a good way to do business or attract new customers! It's going to take me awhile to fix all of my old posts, so am doing it a little bit at a time. SO frustrating!

    1. I agree - a very POOR way to run a business. It is making the small bloggers like us not only frustrated, but is making it so hard to recoup from the damage done. I have some HTML skills but the woman who created my blog design no longer does design work so I am scrambling to try to fix all the issues on my own. I wish I knew someone who could do it all for me - each "fix" is not taking and it is hard for me to try to repair the damage photobucket has done. I will NOT be promoting PB and will gladly post against them due to the crappy way they treated their long-time customers. I cannot even access my buttons and images they are holding for "ransom"!!

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