Feb 29, 2012

Free on Kindle - Noah Zarc Mammoth Trouble

I was searching through the Free Kindle ebooks on Amazon.com and found that Noah Zarc Mammoth Trouble is currently FREE!
So for all you who commented on the contest, and wanted to read this amazing book, this is  your chance!  Download it today!
Don't own a Kindle!  No problem - you can download a FREE kindle for PC program and read it right on your computer!

LINK:  http://www.amazon.com/Noah-Zarc-Mammoth-Trouble-ebook/dp/B005H5GFNE/ref=zg_bs_digital-text_72

Haven't heard of Noah Zarc ????  Click here to read my review and more about this wonderful book!


  1. Google alerts just told me about this post. Thanks so much for continuing to support me. I had a great giveaway! Over 4,000 people downloaded Noah Zarc. I was over the moon :-)

    1. So glad I could help out! Now I just have to get a copy for my kids' school library! :)

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