May 23, 2019

School's Out For Summer! Let's Make a Summer Reading List Together.

You know you just sang that line in your head.  At least those of us over the age of 30something should be familiar with that famous line from Alice Cooper's song.

Nonetheless, whether you are familiar or not, school is out or nearly out for most of the US.  And with a whole summer ahead, what better to post about than Summer Reading for kids of all ages.  I have an entire list of some of my family's favorite books and choices for reading this summer.

What I don't know is, what is on YOUR list?

Mom Loves 2 Read is making a Summer Reading List that will be posted and updated as followers and visitors comment below with suggestions of favorites, classics and new TBR books that are recommended for kids of all ages.

So, please start commenting below with the  Title and Author of the book, and what age range you feel it is best for.  I will add them to the list (see button on right side of blog)

0-5 (Infant - Preschool)
5-10  (Elementary)
10-15 (Middle Grade)
15-21 (Young Adult)
18+  (Adult - clean only please

(feel free to add the genre: mystery, romance, sci-fi)


  1. The list has been started... add comments here about what books YOU would like added to the list.
    check it out at

  2. Correct link is:

  3. I like to read The Books of Elsewhere series - it is amazing. the author is Jaqueline west
    they are great for middle grade and older kids. even my mom read them and liked them too.

  4. Thank you for adding The Books of Elsewhere to the Summer Reading List - appreciate you stopping by and commenting!


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