Mar 4, 2011

Been cloudy, but there is a Silver Lining!

After a rough few weeks of Sick me, sick hubby and sick kids - I'm looking for that "silver lining" at the edge of this "cloud" I've been wallowing in.  I have a few new reviews in the works, and should (hopefully) get them posted next week!
(if I can manage to keep myself and my family healthy long enough to get them posted) - :)

So, look for these reviews to come:

* God Gave Us the World by Lisa Tawn Bergren and Laura J.Bryant
* Pearl in the Sand   by Tessa Afshar   (WILL include book giveaway!)
* The Vital Principle   by Amy Corwin   (with possible giveaway of book from the author)
* McKenzie   by Penny Zeller
* Winter's Awakening   by Shelly Shepard Gray
* The Real Skinny on Losing it   by Michelle McKinney Hammond

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