Mar 20, 2011

I won an Award!?!

Apparently I have been bestowed the wonderful Stylish Blogger Award by SivMaria!  Thank you so much for the honor.  Check out her blog "Been There Done That" and follower her as well (nudge nudge)

According to the rules of the award, I have to post a link (above) to SivMaria's blog, write 7 facts about myself, and give this award to another 7 stylish bloggers.

Well, I'm not sure what to write exactly, but here are the 7 facts about me that you will not find in my profile:

#1  Although I do wake early, I prefer to stay burried under the covers for as long as possible in the mornings.

#2  I do NOT like, nor drink coffee.  Although I am a bit addicted to soda - none of that diet stuff either!

#3  I am the oldest child of 3, but was raised as an only child by my grandmother.

#4  I love to dance.  Though I have never actually had any training whatsoever, nor do I EVER dance in public - lol ~  I DO love to dance, and would secretly love to take lessons.

#5  I am taking adult swim lessons, since I never learned as a child.  I figure since I'm forcing my children to take them, I should as well.

#6  One of my all-time favorite authors is Grace Livingston Hill.  I have over 90 of her books on my bookshelf!

#7  I actually am a wanna-be, closet writer.  I have over a dozen stories started, outlined, planned or just notes written down.  Only a very few people know about it, and only 1 of them has ever actually read any of my stories or ideas.

And finally, here are the 7 wonderful, stylish bloggers;  that have inspired me, encouraged me, or had reviews that made me "run out" to get "that" book!
I chose: 


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