Apr 27, 2014

Having a Fun Vacation does not mean you break the bank ~ Here are some ways to save money and still have a great family vacation

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How to Save Money in Your Family Holiday Break

If you are worried about how you can possibly afford to get away on a family holiday this year don’t despair, there are plenty of things you can do to reduce the costs of this break. Spending less money doesn’t have to mean sacrificing fun and comfort, it often just requires making better informed choices. So let’s look at some of the cost-saving tips that is going to allow your family to have a much deserved holiday break this year.

How to choose the right tour operator

A package holiday is usually the best way to go if you are trying to save money. Low-cost family holidays can be achieved if you’ll compare major tour operators to find the best packages that perfectly complement your budget. There are some amazing deals to be found – especially if you are willing to be flexible about
destination and travel dates. If you haven’t taken the time to compare what the major tour operators are offering, you are probably not getting the lowest-cost option.

Research your destination for special deals on tourist attractions, entertainment, and travel.

A common reason for why holidaymakers end up missing out on possible savings is they are just not aware of them. Most people only come across discounts by accident by picking up a tourist magazine or because of they have been handed a flyer.

If you actively seek out special deals before you arrive, you are going to be in a much better position to make significant savings. You can do most of your research online – don’t forget to check out any websites associated with tourist attractions as these will often contain information about promotions.

Cook your own meals

Eating out on holiday is fun, but you don’t have to do this all the time. You can save money by buying some groceries and occasionally cooking your own meals. It can also be a good idea to prepare snacks for when you are going to the beach or on a tour. Sometimes paying a little extra for accommodation with cooking facilities can end up cutting your food expenditure significantly. You could even attend a cooking class, and then surprise your family with a local dish that you prepared.

The key to a cheaper holiday is to do your homework and take advantage of any special deals. Don’t forget there are also likely to be plenty of free stuff to do at your destination. One of the other nice things about doing a bit of research beforehand, is you can find exciting opportunities that you might otherwise have missed.

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  1. Thanks for sharing, I have a couple trips this year but was kinda worry about costs and once we get there how to support ourselves.

    1. Feel free to ask anytime - My family has found a few great ways to save money and still do the similar type trips that others do - only spending less $$
      For example - the past few years we have taken our 3 kids to Wisconsin Dells. We found a great way to save on our "room" was to get a Time Share rental - but purchase it through ebay each year - we are able to get a 3 bedroom Time Share apartment for less than the cost of a small hotel room for 5 days and 4 nights AND it includes up to 10 waterpark passes for our family to use FREE. Then, we save money on food by going to the store and planning our meals and having snacks with us instead of paying high prices eating out and buying expensive snack foods there. The kids all love it and don't miss out - we just buy a few food/snacks that we don't normally eat at home to give them a treat while there.

      Another way is to pack snacks and easy to eat foods in a small cooler inside the car for the travel time - so you stop less and spend less on fast food while travelling -

      If you have any ideas or want to share how YOU saved on trips - please feel free to email or leave it in a comment - I'll add it to our Family Travel list! https://www.nukescripts.net/p/blog-page_29.html

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