Sep 3, 2012

When it Rains It Pours. . . When it Pours, It Floods!

My Labor Day Weekend was not Relaxing as I Planned!

My poor computer was not behaving nicely, so I found someone who could take a look at it.  He found that my hard drive was ready to crash - :(  Not what I wanted to hear!  I had tried over and over to save all my files and emails with no success - I was stressing! Majorly!  I have thousands of emails saved with Books and Products to review, correspondence with authors and publishers, friends and family - how was I to handle it if I lost it all?

Well, he was able to find and replace my hard drive, save and restore  nearly all my data and in less than 24 hours!  Amazing!  And he saved me tons of money too!

Then, just when I thought things were looking up!  Our basement started flooding - YES, we have had rain for 3 days, so we thought that was the problem - well, partially it was - BUT, our sewer line was clogged and was backing up into our basement.  My wonderful, ingenious husband rigged a temporary fix while we waited for the Plumbing company to come fix it for us - seems they were quite busy this weekend and could not come right away.

Finally, they showed up today, and after 2 hours of work - Darn those Tree Roots!  We have our plumbing working correctly again!  Now I can finally do my dishes, get my laundry caught up and flush my toilets! LOL

Some wonderful things that happened during all this:  My son helped his dad with the basement and learned quite a bit.  My 2 girls entertained themselves and each other, and thought it was an adventure to have a watery basement - lol  And in spite of it all, we worked together to fix problems, and solutions were found!

**How was your weekend?  Leave me a comment!  Who knows, you may win a mystery prize just for commenting!


  1. I am sorry to hear that the weekend has been tough. We had a great weekend with friends and bbq. It was fun

    trisha71478 at gmail dot com

  2. My weekend was ok, sorry you had computer problems and a basement flood. I can relate to both problems, I'm still waiting for hot water after a water heater line busted and flooded my house 2 months ago.

    1. Sorry to hear about your hot water issues - I didn't really think much about how much water we use each day until we couldn't use any! Makes me really appreciate modern conveniences!

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