Oct 7, 2015

Emergency Survival Kit 2 Pack by True Valor ~ Don't go hiking, camping or Scouting without this cool Kit! #TBLSurvivalKit

Emergency survival kit two pack by True Valor.
These grenade style survival kits are a must have for any outdoor enthusiast. These kits fit in your pocket or clip them to your bag or belt loop.

The carabiner is easily removed and the whistle is ready to use at any time. 10 feet of paracord wrapped tightly around all of your essential tools.

A fantastic gift for any hiker, camper, survivalist, boy scout, or american hertitage girl go bag bugout bag. Makes a great stocking stuffer too.
* These kits are wrapped very tightly and
should not be unraveled until necessary as re-braiding the paracord is a practiced skill .
* The contents of these kits are all wrapped in an additional piece of aluminum foil to keep them together. A small resealable bag is also inside the kit, in which all contents of kit can be kept if unraveling and use of the kit becomes necessary
* Several tools in the kit are very sharp and the weights are made of lead. Not recommended for children to use contents of the survival kit. Wash hands after use of these tools.
* Paracord is very strong but the paracord and carabiner are not intended for climbing

Review :
Ok I have to be completely honest - I did not take one apart because I plan to keep using it as an emergency kit for our Boy Scout and AHG outings.  We have another campout and hike coming up and I didn't want to try to figure out how to get it put back together! LOL

These tightly woven kits are amazing.  Them come ready to use . . . a carabiner on top to clip it to a backpack, belt loop or string, an emergency whistle hanging on the bottom in a bright orange easy to see color . . . and in between! you guessed it - lots of great emergency gear all tightly wrapped up inside a 10 ft long paracord.

The kit is strong and tightly wound so nothing will come out until intended.  Inside the paracord grenade is a large amount of emergency items.

Included is:
10 feet of paracord
Emergency whistle
fire starter and tinder
knife (safely wrapped)
alcohol pad
aluminum foil
2 safety pins
fishing line
fishing hooks, floats, weights and swivels
iron wire

This is a wonderful kit to have on hand in any outdoor emergency.  From day hikes to backpacking cross country.  From overnight campouts to high adventure.  A must have item for any outdoorsman (or woman).  Check out more info here.
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