Oct 15, 2015

Making Your Kitchen Environmentally Friendly #guest post

Images by georgiapeachez used under Creative Commons License.

Going green in your kitchen might be a lot easier than you first think. Manufacturers and designers know that eco-friendly appliances are in big demand and there are loads of products out there to fill the market. However, you don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to do your part. Take a look at these simple yet effective tips to achieve a greener home.

Vintage island
If you're thinking of adding an island to the layout of your kitchen, get creative and save some cash. You can find an old table then sand it down, paint it in a favorite color and give it a varnish. Then
you can add some storage fittings underneath if needed. It will give your kitchen some vintage charm and a totally unique look.

Herb garden
Images by Dianna Ott used under Creative Commons License.

We've all bought a herb plant, used it once then watched it shrivel up and die before we next use it. Dedicate a space near the window where you can place a selection of herbs and make reminders to look after and water them. In the long run you will save money, add extra flavor to your meals and brighten up your windowsill.

Can it be repaired?
So the washing machine is quite old and has started playing up? Before taking it to the tip and investing in a new one, ask a professional to take a look at it and see if it can be fixed. Even if it only has a few more months left in it, you'll save on taking up wastage space. When you do dispose of it, make sure you take it to a special recycling park.

Cook smart
Use your microwave when you can in order to save energy used when using your oven. Also cook in batches so that you use the oven once rather than every night. You could make meals that can be eaten cold or heated up quickly in the microwave. Also try to keep your food fresh rather than frozen in order to shorten cooking times.

Built in compost bin
Compost bins utilise food wastage by feeding your garden's soil. You might even want to use it in your green house or vegetable patch. Make one by storing a bin under the worktop and throwing in your food wastage after every meal. Make sure to keep your eye on it and take it out every few days so that you don't get a funny smell!

Buy energy star appliances
When it does come down to buying appliances, look out for the energy stars. Americans save $30 billion by choosing energy star rated products. Although they might initially be more expensive than other models, the end saving is totally worth it.

 It's the little things that make a big difference, so remember to try and do your bit with the kitchen. A happy kitchen will make for a happy home and happy cooking! Have fun with it.

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