Jul 25, 2013

NEWS NEWS NEWS ~ KINDLE FIRE GIveaway is World Wide!

Blogger Sign Ups Are Now Open!

It’s time for a huge giveaway! Join Mom Loves 2 Read for this exciting Kindle FIRE Giveaway event from August 10 - 31, 2013. I have partnered with MyPerfectGift.com to provide this great giveaway event. 
And YES - It is INTERNATIONAL!!  IF the winner is from the US - they will receive a KINDLE FIRE.
If the winner is from ANY other country (where allowed) they will receive instead PAYPAL CASH in approx value of Kindle Fire!  SO all my Canadian, European and other wonderful blogger friends - jump in and Join today!
HURRY - only 2 CoHost spots are still open - and only 4 Host Pages are still available!  Don't miss your chance to boost your followers, ratings and more with backlinks, page/blog visits and extra social media links! 
To make it even MORE FUN for participation bloggers - MyPerfectGift.com is offering a $50 referral prize for the blogger who refers the MOST new sign ups A RANDOM blogger who REFERS other bloggers - yes it could be YOU!  Now, who wouldn't mind getting $50 just for telling other bloggers about this event - AND gaining new followers for signing up too!

Click here to find out how to Sign Up


  1. Hi there! I saw a link to your blog up on Blog Hoppers fb page. Recipes From a Pantry sent me! I've just gotta say I love your blog. It is beautiful and so well put together. I enjoy reading through it. I'm grabbing a button, if ya don't mind. ;)I'm still trying to tweak my blog a bit here and there, just started blogging again a few weeks ago. But anyway, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing it with all of us. =)

    1. Thanks for stopping by! share your blog link with me and I'll stop by and say Hi, grab your button too!

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