Jul 28, 2014

The Adventures of Don and the White Animals by Meir Eshel #review

The main character of the book is a six year old boy named Don White. Don is gifted with a mysterious power: from birth, he has the ability to communicate with animals of all kinds, especially with the white animals which have a birthmark on
their right limbs – same as the one Don has on the palm of his right hand.

When Don realizes his powers, he nominates himself as the "Ambassador of all animals" and fights for their rights in a naive yet glorious way, as only a child can do.

The animals not only gather around Don but also come to his rescue in times of troubled and attack his attackers in spectacular, curious, amusing and nonviolent ways.

My Review :
This story is cute and has that fun fantasy type feel that many younger children enjoy.  The main character is simple and innocent in his childish thoughts and his affinity for animals makes the story a fun read for younger kids. Many times when Don is in trouble of some kind, his animal friends find a way to rescue him.
As an adult reader, I just found the wording stilted and without a good flow.  It seems to have been written by someone that does not have English as a first language.  I found some of the story frustrating to read with the many, many commas instead of correct punctuation.  Overall I would recommend this for younger readers who love fantasy, animal stories, and have great imaginations.  Parents may tire of this story quickly though.

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