Jul 18, 2014

Writers of the Future, a science fiction & fantasy anthology ~ #Review

Just released, Writers of the Future, a science fiction & fantasy anthology of winning stories. These are original stories submitted by aspiring authors from around the world.  The book also contains illustrations from aspiring illustrators, who likewise won this year.

Reviews play a vital role in helping launch these new writers, so we are
looking for bloggers that love Science Fiction and fantasy and would like to review this new book.

Also, there are 3 bonus short stories written by well know SF authors: Orson Scott Card, Mike Resnick and L. Ron Hubbard

Synopsis: Celebrate New Writers, New Winners, New Worlds: Writers of the Future: Volume 30

This is your window into incredible worlds of wizardry, warfare and wonder. This is your escape into fantastic realms of the human mind lurking just beyond your imagination…and reaching deep into your wildest dreams. This is your ticket to tomorrow. Celebrate the future of science fiction and fantasy…now.

My Review:
Although I do read some sci-fi and many times enjoy the fantasy of the writer's imagination; I just could not get into this book or the stories within.  Many of them go so far OUT there that the stories just did not flow or make much sense.  If a story does not capture my imagination and keep me engaged, it is very difficult for me to want to finish it, and that is how it was with each of the stories within this volume.  I think it would be better for Young Adult readers who don't mind working to keep up with what is going on in the story and who are willing to try very hard to figure out what the writers are trying to say.

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