Jun 23, 2012

Family, Faith, Kids and More ~ Great advice, Scriptural Truths

Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord
Author: Dave Stone
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-4003-1871-1
Format: Hardcover
Price: $14.99
Pub date: 5/8/12
Practical life lessons, real-life stories, and Scriptural truths for being the family that glorifies God. 
In the first Faithful Families title, Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord, author and pastor Dave Stone shows parents that they have more influence on their kids than any other factor in their lives. Brimming with warmth and humor, Stone gives parents creative examples of how to help kids develop their own faith with ideas such as:
  • praying at significant times
  • encouraging kids to display Scripture in special places around the home
  • serving others alongside their parents. 

Building Family Ties with Faith, Love & Laughter
Author: Dave Stone
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 978-1-4003-1872-8
Format: Hardcover
Price: $14.99
Pub date: 5/8/12
Creative ideas, real-life stories, and Scriptural guidance for being the family that loves being together. 
The second Faithful Families book, Building Family Ties with Faith, Love & Laughter, gives parents tools to reprioritize their lives and build a joyful family that both children and parents want to come home to every day. Parents can follow easy, practical suggestions that will transform their families such as:
  • creating a family mission statement
  • practicing intentional spontaneity
  • pledging to enjoy family dinners together on a regular basis
It’s never too soon, or too late, to begin applying the tried and true wisdom this veteran of building strong families has to share.

My Review :
Author Dave Stone has an amazing talent to write much-needed advice and encouragement for families today.  His easy to read writing style and no-nonsense suggestions are welcome in today's struggling times.  Although I am a full-time Stay at Home Mom, I find myself regretting when my children and I have not spent quality time together during a week of busy schedules and hectic activities.  From getting up early to get the "big" kids ready for school, to finding creative ways to keep my toddler from destroying a room I just cleaned when I turn my back ~ to evenings full of piano lessons, sports, tumbling and more.  I find that time is fleeting and before I know it another week has passed with a few quick hugs and kisses, and the only time spent is  hurrying them to their next activity, then quickly listening to night time prayers.

Dave Stone writes from his personal experiences in a way that makes me want to stop, pay attention, and try out some of his practical advice for my busy family.  Both of these books: Raising Your Kids to Love the Lord and Building Faimly Ties with Faith, Loves & Laughter are great books to read, reread, and share the advice within.  I have read many parts in both books several times, and will continue to utilize the biblical truths contained within them both.  Great books to keep handy on the coffee table, night stand (or in my case . . . bathroom - so I can read in private!)

To Purchase either of these books by Dave Stone ~
Thomas Nelson

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