Jun 1, 2012

Mommy Moments ~ Smashed Finger and Hurt Feelings

There's nothing like having your little one crying and screaming in pain.  As I'm working on the computer this morning, setting up more giveaways for this blog and my followers, trying to prepare for my review posts, checking emails and monitoring a current giveaway group on facebook, I hear the unmistakeable sound of my youngest crying - loudly in pain!
I go upstairs to see what is happening to find her grasping her thumb in her other hand with tears pouring down her face ~ claiming that her big sister just smashed her thumb in the door when she "slammed" it on her hand.

I carry her into my older daughter's room to find her and my son playing a game on the floor - both claim "I didn't do it!"
Of course, nobody "did" it - Why did I assume some PERSON hurt my little girl? 

After getting Ice for her thumb, rocking her in the recliner and cuddling her close for a few minutes, she calmed down enough to tell me that she just wanted to play a game with her big sister and brother - and her sister would not let her come into her room (plus they didn't want  her to play their game) .  She told her repeatedly she was not wanted, then slammed the door on her (unintentionally hurting her little thumb in the process).

When confronted with her sister's pain, she admitted that she just "didn't want her in my room" to which I replied, how would YOU feel if you wanted to spend time with your brother and sister only to be left out?  Just because she's younger it doesn't mean you should keep her out when you want to play.  AND, of course I had to explain once again the dangers of slamming doors!  This is not the first door-slam injury in this house (and most likely won't be the last either).

Now, I know she never meant to hurt her sister, and it WAS an accident.  But I explained that the way she treated her little sister was not nice.  Nobody likes to be left out.  She was given a few extra chores and made to apologize - and told that next time she wants to play a game with her brother and not her little sister to let me know first so I can find something fun for the littlest to do.  OR she should play a game that little sister can play too!

So, has this happened in YOUR family?  Do you  have a similar story to share?  Comment below and let me know -

Also, what do you think is a good way to handle the big siblings not wanting the littlest around?


  1. Poor little girl :(

    I only have two children, a 3 and 1 year old, so they do everything together. We aren't having anymore, so I thankfully won't be having this issue. I'm sure we'll have other issues though, lol.

    1. Actually it was strange because my middle child is usually the better behaved one! But she just didn't want her little sister in her room.
      And no matter their age, or how many you have (unless there is only 1 - lol) they WILL have "sibling moments" where they just don't get along!

  2. I have only one daughter, but I remember when I was little, my younger sister and I used to have those "sibling moments". If I got paid a dime for every moment we didn't get along, I'd be rich by now. If you're the parent viewing it from the outside, it is difficult, I presume.


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