Dec 10, 2014

BakeitFun Baking Mat ~ get rid of the grease and extra fat this holiday season #review

Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mat With Measurements - 420mm x 280mm (16-1/2" x 11") with Free Recipe eBook.
Toaster Oven & Freezer Safe - Cookie, Macaroon & Pastry Sheet.
Certified FDA Approved

* This is a USA Half Size Baking Mat - 16-1/2" x 11" (280x420mm) - Custom designed cutted corners fits perfectly a 13"x18" pan.

* Manufactured using FDA and LFGB approved materials - Made of fiber cloths covered with the best food grade silicone

* BakeitFun Baking Mat doesn't require any grease, get rid of the extra fat or shortenings
- Cook Nontoxic: Our mat is BPA free.

* Non-Stick surface eliminates the need to scrub - Keep your baking sheets always clean - Just rinse with warm water and air dry or dishwash, then roll it and store.

* Reusable mat with outstanding heat conductivity - Perfect to use in oven, microwave or freezer - Takes up to -40F (-40 C) degrees to 450F (230 C) degrees - Flavors or odors will not penetrate the baking mat

As I try to find easy ways to create yummy foods and treats while decreasing the sugar, fat and unneccessary chemicals; one way I have found that helps is to use a silicone baking sheet.  I have tried them before with mixed results but this one seems to be my favorite so far.  Light weight and slim, with measurements along the sides (as I use it also as a dough mat for rolling pizza dough and pastry dough), it is simple to use, easy to clean and store and non-stick so I don't have to use spray or butter to keep my cookies from sticking to the pan.

Unlike one of the other mats I've previously tried, this one actually fits nicely on the cookie sheet and manages to stay in place nicely.  The cookies I made came off easily and did not stick to the sheet nor leave much cookie behind when removed.  I did  make sure to use a non-metal spatula so as not to accidentally tear the baking sheet - and it worked nicely.

I love how the baking sheet has measurements along the sides - I have used it a couple times to roll out dough on that needed to be a certain size - not it's intended use, but it worked nicely for me!

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