Mar 27, 2013

Inspired Vacation Journal ~ Fun way to keep the kids entertained on Vacations!

Are you looking forward to Spring Break and Summer Vacations with the kiddos?  How about those long car rides where you try to entertain them, but don't necessarily want them playing video games the whole way?  Do your kids argue with each other the whole way? or do they get along well on vacation?

Here is a great way to engage their minds, make family vacations both fun and educational, and help them develop writing skills, attention to detail and memory recall.

The Inspired Vacation Journal 

Secrets of the Pencil 

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Research indicates the importance for young children to write often. Writing empowers our kids, giving them an outlet for self-expression and communication, helps them develop critical thinking skills, and guarantees better outcomes in school. 
Learning takes place in school, but also in everyday life. The Inspired Pencil knows that you can teach your children writing skills without a homework battle or nagging when you sneak the learning into their world. Secrets of the Pencil reveals how we have carefully crafted our writing activities using research and best practices in education.
So, when planning for that next family vacation - why not take an Inspired Vacation Journal along for each child.  You children will enjoy being able to create their own lasting memories in their personal journal.  

With so many fun pages full of exciting activities, your kids will enjoy writing, remembering and sharing their vacation adventures with their Inspired Vacation Journal.  To find out more about the Inspired Vacation Journal, and other Inspired Pencil products, visit this webpage:

** Makes a great addition to Easter Baskets, Birthday Gifts, or just for fun!

My kids will be testing out their very own Inspired Vacation Journals during our upcoming Spring Break Trip to St. Louis.  I'll be posting my personal review along with each of their opinions of the journal.  Although my youngest is only 5, she can still participate with a little help from her older siblings or parents.  Check back later in April for our review!

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