Mar 8, 2013

Welcome Spring Giveaway Hop Sign Ups

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Welcome Spring Giveaway Hop

April 1 - 16th
Hosted by Mom Loves 2 Read

Rules for this hop:

 * You must have a prize to giveaway on your own blog specifically for THIS hop - please make it something that a reader or blogger might like that ties in with the theme of this event - (examples: books for kids, parents or anyone, gift cards, spring themed items, stuff for Easter, kids, parents, paypal, etc.)

 You may NOT combine giveaway events.  If you have other giveaways on your blog, or other events or hops you are participating in, your prize for this hop MUST be separate.

* Please limit your entries ~ No more than 1 Mandatory entry please.  Try to make it easy to enter your giveaway -  The easier it is for people to do your entries, the more people will enter!

Also remember that there are many people who do not have twitter or facebook, so please try not to make those mandatory entries.

* Your blog and your giveaway must be family friendly for this hop.  No steamy or half naked pictures, book covers or 18+ themes.  

* Make sure your giveaway form (rafflecopter, giveaway tools, etc) is set to go live no later than 1:30 AM EST on April 1st.  AND set it to end at Midnight (or 11:59 PM) EST on April 16th.

* Your post MUST be up and running by 1:00 AM on April 1st.  You may post up to 24 hours early, but do NOT post late.  Once your post is live, please add your direct URL link here:
I will be checking ALL posts - ANYONE who does not have their post up in time WILL be deleted from the Hop link. 

**If you do not agree with all the required rules, then do not sign up.  You are responsible for your own posts.  If you sign up, then have something come up right before time that prevents you participating, EMAIL me - I understand that things in life do interfere with blogging and will remove you from the link.
Also, if you have any questions - then EMAIL me before signing up!

HTML will be emailed no later than March 30th from - please make sure you can receive emails from me - I will also post a link on  my blog where you can go directly to the HTML in case you miss the email - so check your spam folders AND/OR check my blog sidebar for the code link!

Please grab the button code and add it to your blog sidebar - feel free to post about the sign-ups on your blog and social media sites - the more bloggers who sign up, the MORE people will stop by your blog during the event!

Please put your giveaway's shipping preference in parenthesis following your blog name:
examples:  (US), (US/CAN), (INT)


  1. Hi there. Please remove me from the hop. I was added by a friend and they didn't realize my blog is 18+. Thank you.

    1. Not a problem! thanks for letting me know

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