Aug 25, 2015

Perhaps others may like the Amber Teething Necklace but . . . #balticamber

The Ultimate Amber Teething Necklace
Our Amber Teething Necklace is the perfect alternative medicine for babies & toddlers on the teething process. All this is thanks for the Baltic Amber Natural immune system boost, anti-inflammatory & analgesic capabilities. By the time the baby or toddler start using the necklace you will
start noticing the differences on their behavior & mood, thanks to the effectiveness of the succinic acid contained naturally on the amber and without suffering the secondary effects behind synthetic medicine like teething tablets or scrapings left by the teething toys on their mouth.

The True Benefits Of Amber Teething Necklace
• Noticeable Soothing, calming effects after a few hours of wearing it and much more after a few days of use. 
• Natural Teething remedy without secondary effects as normal pharmaceutics drugs used for teething healing. 
• Recover full energy, fussiness & avoid fever from teething. 
• Babies and toddler looks adorable when wearing it while helping them with their teething problems. 
• Highest Standard Quality used for making our Baltic Wonder amber teething jewelry. 
• Safety knotted (Amber bead) & easy to use. 
• Approved By Mothers!

Advised Safety Requirements:
• Always supervise the infant when wearing the necklace. 
• Remove the necklace when the infant is unattended, even if it is only for a short period of time. 
• Remove the necklace while the infant sleeps at day or night. 
• Not allow the infant to mouth or chew the necklace.

Review by Jenn :
I am not a fan of the Amber Teething Necklace.  I feel it is an odd length and does not do what is says it should. It was too small to slip over baby's head, yet too large for a bracelet even looped twice around her wrist.  And, since baby is not supposed to put it in her mouth, I wasn't sure what do to so I looped it twice around her ankle, but it kept falling off.  Baby seemed ok with having it looped on her foot for a while, but not sure how that would help her teething?  I really am not a fan of this product and would not recommend it to other parents.

Review by Susan :
Now, I have a few friends who believe that when their baby/toddler wears a true Amber necklace that they seem to have less pain and less drooling.  I would say the results are selective to individual use.

As for this product from Baltic Wonder, I personally am not a fan.  Not only does it seem like the beads are plastic and not amber but the tiny little plastic connector that is supposed to secure the necklace on baby is hard to see, hard to use and easily broken.

*As always this is our opinion - other opinions may differ.  You should always get more than one opinion or try a product for yourself!

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