Feb 11, 2014

Gabriella and Dr. Duggan’s Secret Dimensional Transport Machine by James Cardona

~ Review by Kirsten

Great story that raises important ethical questions-not just for kids!!!

While the title may evoke pictures of ‘back-to-the-future’-style, campy time travel machines, this book is far from your stereotypical sci-fi! Instead, it is about the questionable ethics of genetic research.

Cardona has crafted a mystery set in a futuristic society, where affluent folks can have their children modified through genetic upgrades. In this setting, narrator Gabriella, a sixteen-year-old girl, finds herself the only "natural" athlete in the most popular global sport, a game called "Ultraball". While
Gabriella's DNA does not show any genetic alterations, she can keep up with her modified peers and opponents. She, inevitably, becomes a target of NuGen, a prominent genetic research & modification company, and Ultraball's biggest sponsor. 

A fan favorite, Gabriella is chosen to promote Dr. Duggan's new Dimensional Transport Machine, which makes continental travel possible within seconds. During one of those transports gone awry, Gabriella encounters a mysterious man in that place between destinations called "The Void". Will she heed his ominous warnings?
With NuGen on her heels, Gabriella is on a quest to find out her true identity and solve the mystery of her dad's murder.

This book is a real page turner that kept me up several nights in a row-and I’m not even much of a sci-fi fan! A cleverly crafted story that raises strong ethical questions, it is sure to make you think. So once your teenagers tire of the usual high school dramas with the same clichĂ© characters, simply point them to this book! I rate it a fully deserved 5 stars! Please note that this is the first installment in the upcoming NuGen series.


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