Feb 5, 2014

Missy Mila Twisted Tales ~ Children's DVD Review on Mom Loves 2 Read

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Mila is an 8-year-old quirky, energetic tomboy who loves to tell you traditional story-tales but with her own twist. Kids will be inspired to use their imagination and to become storytellers themselves. Audience participation is triggered by Mila's direct-to-camera asides all along the episode; her questions and games bring kids right into the story. Join Mila, laugh at the zany dialogs and fresh art in this
innovative series which explores the world of classic tales.

        Traditional tales are timeless stories that everyone loves to delve back into, generation after generation. Far from old-fashioned clichés, the series “Missy Mila: Twisted Tales” revamps this cultural heritage through the imagination and spontaneity of a present-day little girl. Mila’s stories are peppered with spicy anachronisms and offbeat re-interpretations. So, don’t act surprised if you see a prince applying hair gel before setting out to rescue a princess, unless the latter is a kung-fu champion, that is! As for the dreadful Minotaur, Mila prefers to picture him as the Toupouloupou, a sweetie pie with a sweet tooth. And why do the wolves always have to be depicted as the bad guys? And, in her very personal adaptation of the Three Little Pigs, Mila swaps the awfully shy big bad wolf for an affable bull that… rocks!

My Review :
My 5 year old daughter loves this DVD.  She laughs with Mila through many of her unique retelling of classic stories.  Personally, as a Mom I found Mila to be quite annoying and could not watch or listen very long.  But my daughter thinks she is cute and funny.  Different opinions from different perspectives.  I'm not overly thrilled with some of the stories that are told - I don't usually let my kids watch stories with witches, ghosts, bloody-nosed pirates and mean characters; so I'm not a big fan of this video, yet my daughter pleads with me to let her watch it over and over.  Those who do not mind those sort of things will enjoy knowing that young children love the animated Characters in these made-up stories and will sit entranced as they listen and watch Mila tell her tales.  The stories are not bad really, but personally I found Mila's voice and many of the characters' as well to be high pitched and annoying - but then, I know many parents who used to let their kiddos watch a big annoying purple dinosaur on tv too - lol.  I leave it up to you to decide whether this DVD is best for your family.

Missy Mila comes in 2 volumes - each at only $19.95 per DVD.

Missy Mila Volume 1 includes the episodes: The Hidden Princess, The Toupouloupou, Baba Yaga the Witch, Djoha’s Last Lie, Piboule and the Bear, Strabiwolf the Telltale, the Donkey and the King, The Houses of the Pig Brothers, Elvis, Captain Bloody-Nose the Pirate, The Leprechaun’s Treasure, Aurel the Mocker, Pancho Pimento’s Riddle.  

Volume 2 includes Toadette the Frog, Prince Gabo, Miss Lazy, Bigmess the Ogress, The Mermaid’s Secret, The Ghost Who Couldn’t Scare, Quentin and his Dragon, Tounde the Ginormous Elephant, Rodolphe and Carlo, Chantal and Noemie, Greedy Liza, Tinytiny, The Two Tinanooks.

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