Mar 3, 2014

#Team1GN, 1 Girl Nation NEEDS YOU ~ Check out how YOU can make a difference Today! Hurry ends 3/21!

Who is 1 Girl Nation you ask?

Simply put, 1 Girl Nation is five girls from five different places, with one message. And to share that message, they are raising funds to purchase a very necessary touring vehicle for their upcoming Fall 2014 Tour.

Never heard of 1 Girl Nation?  Where have you been? - LOL

Want to know more?  Well, here is a teaser from my review of the 1GN CD!

1GN is my girls' new favorite CD. This CD is the main music that plays every day in my home, along with their Christmas Program CD for church.  1GN is upbeat, energetic and fun with a positive message of faith, my girls and I all love to listen, sing along and dance along with Lindsey, Kayli, Lauren Taylor, Carmen & Kelsey.

The music stays with me throughout the day, and into the night when I should be sleeping.  The song "While We're Young" is so fun and exciting that the lyrics and music is constantly in my mind.  I found myself {keep reading}

About the Project :
1 Girl Nation is in need of a new vehicle that will allow them to tour around this Fall. They usually tour all over the country traveling for several months at a time and recently their vehicle broke down for the 4th time in a row - they desperately need something that is reliable, safe, comfortable, and can handle the intense touring that they do. Without a reliable ride, it makes it difficult for them to get to each town to meet their fans and to share the message that they have been called to share. This is where you come in...

This Fall, 1 Girl Nation wants to continue sharing the hope of the Gospel through their upbeat and fun music.
Here is how YOU can help!  They have started their first ever Kickstarter project and are hoping that you can participate. They even have some amazing, limited edition rewards available for those who are willing to help in whatever way they can! Remember that every dollar counts! We hope that you will take a moment to read through the rewards, and pray about how you can be a part of the 1GN family, in supporting this wonderful ministry.

They NEED to raise $30,000 by March 21st in order to put a down payment on this van.  The van actually costs around $80,000 but in Faith, they are praying for a $30,000 showing of Love and Support to start the process!

If you are interested in how you can help - check out the Kickstarter Link HERE. Join me in helping these amazingly talented girls get to their concerts and loved ones safely!

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