Mar 31, 2014

{Review & Giveaway} Name A Star after your favorite person for a wonderful Gift!

Disclosure: I got this product free for this review.

What better way to give a gift that lasts a lifetime than to name a star after someone you care about?  With Name A Star, you will have the opportunity to purchase an unnamed star in the galaxy, name it after someone, provide a personal message from you to him or her, then receive a special certificate to show off!

For this review, I named a star after my youngest, my daughter.  She recently celebrated her 6th birthday, and I thought it would make a wonderful and unique gift for her.  I wrapped the certificate like a birthday gift, and when she opened it, I explained all about how there is now a star
in the night sky with her name!  We went online to Google Earth, and were able to see her star along side tens of thousands of others, many already named but more without a name.
Disclosure: I got this product free for this review.
My other children have asked if they too can have a star named for them for their birthday or Christmas gifts this year.  I love how excited each of them were to see my daughter's star - and to repeatedly ask to view it online and try to find what part of the night sky it is in.

Name a Star is a wonderful gift for any occasion!  Check it out at:

For the Giveaway - Open WW, must be 13 or older to enter/win!

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  1. I would probably end up doing one for my son...even though he's too young to understand now!

  2. I would name a star for my angel baby, Jamison Blake. We lost him to a late term miscarriage in January of 2009.

    1. So sorry for your loss - but a wonderful way to honor and remember him.

  3. I agree, this a wonderful way to honor someone. :)

  4. I think I would name it "Dartmann's Star", after me and my husband!

    This would be a great gift for my goddaughter - very special.


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