Aug 5, 2014

Finding the right printer can be a hassel ~ here are some tips for choosing the best one for your needs ~ #spon

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Finding the right printer for your family office
Is there any more high maintenance household appliance than the printer? It seems every time you need to print a single sheet, you must fetch ink, shuffle the paper into the feed in just the right way and cross your fingers that it’s not in a bad mood. ‘Surely’, you cry out in horror, ‘surely printing can’t be like this for everyone?’ If this sounds a bit like you, you may have a last-gen printer. Things have significantly improved
in the world of putting ink to paper, so here are some of the options worth perusing for your printing requirements.

Laser printers
This first thing you’ll need to work out is if you need a laser or an inkjet printer. If slick, superfast and efficient monochrome printing is what you need, look no further than the laser, the best way to print no frills, multiple documents on a budget. These are often a little more compact than the all-in-one inkjet models, but can have fun features like duplex printing and speeds of up to 30 ppm (pages per minute). In terms of economy, you can bag a reliable ink brand like Canon or Brother for around $100, and printer toner tends to show a high yield at around $20 a cartridge.

Inkjet printers
Families, however, may have more colorful requirements, such as vivid school presentations, wall charts and photo printing. This is where the inkjet comes in to play. Most models are now bundled with scanners, copiers and wireless connectivity as standard. Epson is probably one of the more popular brands, and a slick, multifunctional model with color document preview and wireless printing comes in at around $70. The one disadvantage to inkjets is the ink usage, which tends to be less than economical, and a bit of upkeep is required to keep print heads clean and in alignment so as to keep images crisp.

The verdict? If you want an easy life, laser printers will always win for speed, compactness and effortlessness. If you are, on the other hand, in the market for beautiful documents, and glossy results, then inkjets are the way to go. Just remember to give your inkjet printer a little maintenance, every so often, and it should serve you well.

I know that I (Susan) use my printer daily and find that these tips on keeping the heads clean and maintaining my printer does keep it working longer and more efficiently.  I hope this article helps you choose what is best for your needs.

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