Oct 29, 2013

Spirituality for Kids ~ a free online program that encourages children to make a difference in the world around them! Review on Mom Loves 2 Read

Spirituality For Kids is a free online program that you and your child can do together. Don’t wait another minute!

Spirituality for Kids is back with an entertaining, self-guided program that encourages children to reflect on their actions, to see challenges as opportunities, to develop self-worth, and to activate the desire to make a difference in the world around them. 

To make sure the child is grasping the concepts, there are five “checkpoints” throughout the lessons. Each “checkpoint” is an activity that will help the parent measure their child’s understanding of the spiritual concepts covered along the way. If you notice your child is having a challenging time understanding a concept, revisit a video lesson more than once and discuss a concept together several times.

Spirituality for Kids is a completely self-paced and flexible program based upon your child’s needs. You can determine the amount of time needed for each lesson, be that a single day or stretched out over a longer period of time.

My Review :
Spirituality for Kids is a great free online program that has an abundance of lessons that are fun for the whole family.  Each lesson has step by step building blocks that teach children important spiritual lessons using games, videos, activities and fun to help them learn key morals and values.  Using the theme that "life is like a game" each story and lesson helps children learn at their own pace, while grasping key concepts like the importance of rules, being positive, inner strength, self-worth and their own unique abilities.

I started this lesson set with my youngest child - my 5 year old daughter.  We have only been working on it for a few days and already she is able to understand the value of rules.  She loves watching the video over and over and we stop from time to time to discuss what we just learned together.

I plan to continue this with her as well as add in my two older children over Christmas Break so they can also benefit from some of these wonderful lessons!
I definitely recommend that parents check out Spirituality for Kids online and see what you think!  I love that it makes discussing difficult issues easier for me as a parent and more fun for my kids.

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