Nov 8, 2013

FouFou Pet ~ protect your pet's paws this winter with Fou-Stick

Protecting the Paws of the World!

FouFou Pet has come out with a NEW product to protect your pets' paws. It is 100% all natural. Moisturizes cracked paws, protects against winter salt and hot pavement.

Made with soothing ingredients. It is transparent and leaves no residues. It's also in a travel size so you can bring it anywhere.

My Review:
FouFou Pet's Fou-Stick is great for helping heal small injuries to those precious paws.  My family has a German Shorthair Pointer - Daisy.  She hunts with my husband and son for Pheasants.  Often she comes home with small cuts and injuries to her ears and paws from the rough weeds and bushes that she can't seem to keep her nose and paws out of.  I have used the Fou-Stick now three times on her injuries and though I can't tell you if it helps heal them quicker or not, I feel better knowing that I am doing something to help her feel better.  She does like to lick it and since it is made from natural ingredients I'm not concerned about that.

Fou-Stick is made to protect pet's paws from harsh winter weather, salt and hot pavements.  It is made with
all natural ingredients and is safe for pets like my Daisy even when she licks it off.
I love the small travel-sized tube.  It is perfect to put in Daisy's emergency kit for when she is out hunting and also to keep in her supply box in the house for when she is at home.

You can learn more about Fou-Stick, Pet Wipes, and more great products from FouFou pet on their website ~   and facebook page: #/foufoudog.ffd

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  1. We have three dogs and this sounds perfect for them this winter to protect their little paws.


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