Aug 10, 2013

Historical Conquest Review - A journey through time and a blast to play!

World Map to Domination 

About the Game
Historical Conquest: The Journey Through Time is an adventurous card game where players can create personalized societies with key players from history and battle them one against another; anyone, anywhere, anytime. Each card is complete with: fantastic illustrations of people, places, events in history; abilities in the game according to the abilities they had in real life; and a full summary of their actual history. Eric the Red can help the Mongol Army conquer Argentina during the Black Plague. Albert Einstein can live peacefully in Japan under the leadership of Abraham Lincoln during World War I. The possibilities are endless, as is the fun!
If you can imagine a game played with actual heroes and villains worldwide from throughout history, you understand the concept behind Historical Conquest. The first edition was printed a few years ago and has grown a following; everyone who has played it loves Historical Conquest. Unfortunately, due to certain limitations we were not able to mass produce it… UNTIL NOW!

How to Play
Historical Conquest was created a few years ago by Zack Edwards as a college project. He was joined by three aspiring artists to create the first edition. To promote the game, Zack wrote a novel based on the idea behind Historical Conquest, whose release information will first be available here on Kickstarter..
Now Zack has been joined by additional partners and artists who believe in this game and are excited for the second print. But to launch the game we must raise an additional $5,000. Printing a quality second edition is proving expensive and that is why we have come to you… JOIN US.
Some of the changes we have made since printing the 1st edition include: thicker card stock,higher quality printing, editing a few errors, larger print, adding more than a 100 new characters, more realistic/adventurous illustrations (less “cartoonish”), and simplifying the rule book…

Here are a few of the over 100 new cards available in the 2nd edition.
Here are a few of the over 100 new cards available in the 2nd edition.

This guy makes Genghis Khan look like a school yard bully...
This guy makes Genghis Khan look like a school yard bully...

Think of him as America's First Black Super Spy...
Think of him as America's First Black Super Spy...
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Now for our REVIEW!
My son (who turns 12 next week) did not want to play this game with me.  I had to bribe him to play with me.  We started out reading the directions - which at first confused me a bit.  After reading through and trying to understand, he ended up figuring it out quicker than I did so we started playing.  It didn't take me long to get frustrated when he ended up taking some of my cards, but after a while I got the hang of it and began winning (big time).  I conquered many of his countries, converted his people to my side and ended up winning several battles!  Ah HA!  Mom Rules!  BUT, did he get mad? frustrated? throw his cards and admit defeat?   NO - he wanted to play again - - and again - - - and again!
He loves this game, and even more important, he remembers many of the historical characters and countries that the cards tell about!  At least twice a week he begs someone to play it with him.  This really is a great learning game for kids that is also a lot of fun!

We also love that you can purchase booster packs to add to the game - now we can play with lots of his friends and family!

I just received this information in an email from them!  So exciting!

The boosters, Revolutionary War and Roman Expansion, are wonderful; this time with improved illustrations, more captivating history, and better writing. Thanks to the questions and suggestions of our passionate players and supporters, we have enlisted the help of a third part editor, who has done some wonderful things editing these new cards. The Revolutionary War Booster Pack focuses on just the first day, Lexington and Concord, and tells the stories of the most important events on that fateful day. The Roman Expansion Booster Pack covers the 500 years of the Republic: the wars, betrayals, and destruction of Rome at that time. The deck includes centurions, Caesar Augustus, battle elephants, and different weaponry. These will boost the interest of any young person to learn more. Here is the site ( ) where you can make these and any other orders for all products we provide at a huge discount. This site doubles as a fundraiser for new boosters. Orders start as low as $4 and there are only 3 days left.

In addition to our new editor for the cards, we have also hired a professional gaming technical writer to re-write the rules and we have had people remark that the new rules answer every question they could think of. The rules are now laid out in a very simple and understandable format that everyone can read and helps them play right away, even if they have never tried a game like this before. Please check the new rules out on our site:

I received free the item(s) mentioned in this post in exchange for my honest review. Regardless ~ All my reviews are my honest and personal opinion and are not influenced nor reviewed by the sponsor prior to posting. For more info, see my FTC disclosure or Review Policy.

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