Aug 22, 2013

Would you like to Earn FREE books the easy way? ~ check it out on Mom Loves 2 Read

I know many of  you have already heard of Tyndale House Publishers.  They are widely known for their Christian books and bibles.  I  have found a fun way to get FREE books or bibles!  Would you like to know as well?  It's a new program called Tyndale Rewards!

And you know what?  It is VERY easy to earn points for free books - You could earn a free book in as little as 5 minutes!  There are fun surveys you can do, books to review, 

If you sign up here using my referral link, you will get 25 points and you will gift me with 10!  Then, every friend you refer will get 25 points and you will get 10 (no it's not a pyramid so I won't get points for your friends)

How do I earn more points?  Simple:
Refer a friend 
Take a Bible Survey
ereader Surveys
Sign up for their newsletter or devotional emails
join a group
join the birthday club
write a review of a book or bible
share on facebook or twitter

 FREE books start as low as only 35 points!


Give it a try - who wouldn't love a FREE book or two, or three - lol!  I'm planning to get the Camo Bible (only 125 points) as a gift for one of my daughters - then get the Time Stumblers books for my two oldest kiddos to read (they are only 35 points each!)  Which book would you choose first? one for yourself? your kiddos? a gift for a friend?

I am a member of the Tyndale Rewards program.  The links included in this post will earn me points towards FREE books.  If you have any questions feel free to email Susan @ MomLoves2Read(at)itv-3(dot)com.

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