Aug 26, 2015

For Homeschool or just to Learn at a time convenient for you ~ Levels for Guitar online Guitar Lessons #Levelsforguitar

Do you have time to spend driving back and forth and paying an instructor just so you can learn how to play an instrument?  What about if you have children who also want to learn?  Or several family or friends?

I have found a way to make time in my day - right here at home to learn how to play my Guitar and can even have my kiddos use the lessons too!  And it is affordable, can be done in my own home and at my own pace, at a time that
works for me!

It is called Levels for Guitar.  The website has step by step instructions, videos and lessons for new beginners, level 2 beginners and intermediate players.  With an online metronome, online tuner and other great resources along with instructional videos, it is easy to learn at my own pace and at a time that is convenient for me.

I am impressed so far by the instructions and extras that the Levels for Guitar website has for a beginner player that does have some musical background.  I recommend this for homeschool families, adults wanting to learn and those with busy schedules or who don't have easy access to a teacher.

Or, if you are like me and already pay for weekly music lessons for the kiddos, I just can't add more lessons for myself - either finacially or time wise.  You can learn more about Levels for Guitar at

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