Aug 26, 2015

Infusion Bottle by #Ephistica ~ A stylish and sophisticated way to drink beverages on the go!

ABOUT ~ Infusion Bottle by Ephistica - Premium Fruit and Tea Water Infuser Tumbler made of Double Walled Glass and a No Leak Bamboo Lid.

- Why settle for a cheap plastic infuser when you can have the Sophistication and Elegance of glass and bamboo?
- Impress your friends with this infusion bottle: both dignified and innovative, Ephistica Water Infuser is the perfect choice for all your healthy infusions, hot or cold.
- Ephistica Water Infuser has a
resistant double glass wall which keeps your drinks FRESH and your teas WARM without burning your hand!
- The Infuser's simple design is chic and natural, the perfect container to show off your healthy drinks anywhere you go.
- Want to make sure your drinks are eco-friendly? Ephistica Water Infuser's glass body is less detrimental to the environment because it is long-lasting and can be recycled almost indefinitely. In addition, you don't have to worry about harmful chemicals leaching into your infusion as you might with plastic!
This product is also BPA free.
- Ephistica Water Infuser holds 350 ml (12 oz) so it ideal for transportation. You
can easily carry this tumbler with you on camping trips, to yoga classes, to the beach, work, or just use it at home!
- Ephistica is easy to use: the Basket Filter has handles so you won't burn yourself - it's easy to insert and remove. The basket's handle is hidden so you can easily close the No Leak Lid.
- The body is microwave and dishwasher resistant, perfect for an effortless clean up!
- Drink infused fruit juices, carry around your favorite natural tea
- holds 350 ml (12 oz) 

Review :
The Ephistica Infusion Bottle is much classier than I expected.  It looks much nicer than many of the plastic type drink containers on the market.  The double walled glass is thick and keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot without causing discomfort to the person holding it.  The stainless basket insert makes it easy to add fruits, veggies or other ingredients to a drink without drinking the seeds and floaty bits.  It strains well and stays in place.  The bamboo lid seals completely and there are no leaks.

My favorite drink while using this fun and stylish Infusion bottle is water with fresh strawberries and pineapple with a bit of Splenda or Drink mix added for sweetness.  My only complaint is that it only holds 12 oz of liquid/solids so I had to refill the water and sweetener frequently.

Another great feature to this unique bottle is that it is easy to clean.  The main glass chamber and basket are dishwasher safe so clean up is a breeze.  It can also be used for hot beverages like flavored teas or coffee so friends or family can use it when they visit! Overall I really love this Ephistica Infusion Bottle and plan to continue using it as long as it will last.

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