Jun 7, 2014

{ATTN BLOGGERS} Upcoming Giveaway - Blogger's Sign Up - $100 Vica GC

Upcoming Giveaway - Blogger's Sign Up Below!
Free and Pay Links Available!

Blogger Sign up!

Visa GC $100

-2 Free links with announcement (Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest)
Get the promotional announcement here
The announcement is required or you can pay $5.00 waiver fee

-Giveaway Date:  June 16 to June 30

-Co-host $10.00 (include)
  10 Links (no google links or personal social media pages)
  2 Co-host pages

-Extra links $3.00 (up to 3 links)

Send payment to melisurveys1978@gmail.com
If you have any question, please email me at nysavingspecials@gmail.com

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