Jun 30, 2014

Fresh Wave natural odor eliminators #Review & #Giveaway ~ ends 7/4

Fresh Wave natural odor eliminators are as safe as they are effective at completely removing odors from your home or office, automobile, boat, or RV... literally any odors, anywhere! Made in the U.S.A. from plant oils and water, Fresh Wave products contain no harsh chemicals and no masking fragrances - natural,
non-toxic, non-hazardous, and safe to use anywhere, even near kids and pets.

This promotion is a "twofer" of our best-selling products: Fresh Wave Crystal Gel Design Collection and Fresh Wave Spray.

Fresh Wave Spray offers targeted odor control for fabrics, surfaces, and the air, and is safe to use anywhere you could spray water - you can even spray it directly on your pets! Odor free is the way to be.

My Review :
With a house full of people and a dog (and don't forget those dust bunnies too) it is not unheard of for at least one bathroom to smell not so pleasant at least once a day.  So finding something that takes the odor away without adding artificial chemicals and scents to just mask the smell would be a wonderful thing for my home!

Unfortunately I am sensitive to and do not tolerate the smell of pine or cloves - and Fresh Wave Spray and Crystal Gel both have Pine and Clove scents.  So after the first spray of Fresh Wave in my bathroom after a particularly yucky smell arrived courtesy of one of my children, I used the Fresh Wave Spray anyway as a good reviewer will to see if it truly removed the odor.

I can honestly say that when I was able to return to the bathroom several minutes later the nasty smell was gone, but the scent of pine and cloves did linger in the air.  For most people that would be a great improvement - but not for me.  So, I passed on the Crystal Gel to another reviewer to get a second opinion - can't just take my word since I have pine/clove issues - LOL

Review by Sharon :
I have found that it does add a refreshing scent to the air and does eliminate odors that may not be wanted in the room. It has a spicy scent when first opened but then adds a scent of pine to the room. I would recommend this for anyone that wants a scent that reminds you of the woods or the kitchen after someone has cooked in it.  I really like how it freshens up the room and since I do like the smell of Pine - it is a pleasant fragrance for my home.  When first opened the scent was way too strong, but after about 10 to 15 minutes it was much less potent. My only negative would be that for those of us on a budget this product is a bit pricey compared to store bought cheaper items that do the same thing.

Well, here is an answer to the pricey problem - a chance to win a set FREE
Open to US and Canada - must be 18 or older to enter/win

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