Mar 28, 2012

Review ~ Lunch Hugs ~ Creative Cards for Kids

Did you know that 99% of people cannot lick their elbows?

With LunchHugs® Creative Cards for Kids this fact and a multitude of jokes, brainteasers and mushy mommies complete with fantastic graphics can make sending notes in your child’s lunches a lot of fun, not to mention easy and affordable. Thinking outside “the lunchbox”, LunchHugs® make great gifts for grandparents, parents, teachers and friends. You can even use them as cards to send with gifts. The choices are only limited by your imagination!

My Review :
~    Although my
2 oldest go to school each weekday, they do not often take their lunches.  So when I received this wonderful set of Lunch Hugs cards to review I had to be creative.  My son had a rough morning before school recently and left the house in a bad mood.  When he arrived home, he found a funny Lunch Hugs card in his room waiting for him . . . it brought a smile to his face and earned me 2 big hugs!  I love hugs from my kiddos!

~    My 7 year old had a rough weekend recently.  She came home from school on Friday not feeling well, and spent most of the weekend in bed with a fever.  On Sunday evening when she went to brush her teeth, she found a sentimental Lunch Hugs card beside her toothbrush . . . score 2 more hugs for mom!  Yay me!

~    I even tried it out with my 4 year old.  She found a funny Lunch Hugs card on her bed when she went to her room for "rest time."  She opened it and asked me to read it to her.  It was a Lunch Hugs card that I could write myself. . . I had written that I was so proud of her for helping me clean her room earlier. . . another BIG hug from my littlest child.

~    I will continue using these fun and unique cards to brighten my children's day and surprise them from time to time.  I get excited waiting for them to find the cards, and I absolutely love seeing the joy on their little faces when they get those unexpected surprises . . . and the hugs are wonderful too!  I have enjoyed all of the cards I've used so far, the only negative I can see personally is that lunchbox style tin I got with  my card sets is too small for all the cards I have - lol!  It holds about 3 - 4 boxes of cards if you take them all out of their boxes.  To keep them in the boxes, only 3 will fit.  :)  Not really a bad problem to have. . . I just used one of my son's old plastic lunchboxes to put them in instead and they all fit!

~~~You can get your own sets of these creative and fun cards here:
You can also find some great parent resources on the Lunch Hugs blog:

Each set of Lunch Hugs comes complete with 10 creative and colorful 3 1/2” x 4 1/2″ cards, envelopes and 25 heart stickers all for $3.99 + shipping! That’s less than the price of just ONE store bought card! With 7 different sets to choose from, the chances to add a little extra love in your child’s day has never been easier.

There are so many sets to choose from :
My son loves the "Brainteasers", my girls both love the "Jokes", and all 3 kids love getting the "Have I told you. . "  and the "Blank" cards with handwritten notes from Mom! 
If you aren't sure which is best, there are several "Assorted" sets with a little bit of everything inside!  A great intro set to buy.

*I received the above mentioned product(s) for free for this review.  All reviews are my personal opinion.  See my Policy & Disclosure page for more info.

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