Nov 23, 2013

All In One Dog Training available on Kindle - Review on Mom Loves 2 Read

An All In One Start-up Guide on Dog Training
Discover which training method works best for you and your dog and how to properly train your pet.

In  Dog Training Basics - All In One Startup Guide  you will understand what dog training really is all about and how dogs actually learn. You will be able to discover which training method (e.g. Motivational, Electronic, Clicker etc) will best suit you and your dog. You will also learn about the basic dog training concepts that every dog owner should know such as Reward or Ignore. Standard commands that all dogs without exception should understand and follow and some house manners and essentials that will improve your life if you intend to keep your furry friend inside your home.

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn...
  • Introduction to dog training and what it means
  • Choosing the right training method
  • Basic dog training concepts
  • Standard commands for every dog
  • House essentials for your dog
  • F.A.Q – Frequently Asked Questions
My Review :
This ebook has basic instructions for how to train your dog to the main and most important commands that will help you have a well-behaved pet.  I have already used many of these techniques with our dog Daisy, but there is one main behavior that we are currently working on, and this book has given me some great tips on how to correct this mis-behavior.  She likes to jump up on visitors when they come in the door.  This is a behavior we have tried to correct without success up until now.  Though she has not completely stopped, with a few basic tips from this ebook, she responds more quickly to the command to get "down" and when ignored does not repeat the behavior.  She is improving!
I like how easy this ebook is to understand and how it gives more than one way to train or correct your dog.  I like the FAQ section and the explanations of different training methods, as not every person or every dog will prefer only one technique.  It is a great tool to have on hand for any pet owner!

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  1. I need to look at this awesome book about how to train your dog and find out why some dogs behave they way they do. It is so interesting to learn about dog behavior and see how I can control the unwanted behavior. This book looks interesting.

  2. This book may help me with my little Toy Manchester Terrior. Everytime my husband tries to get in the bed with me the dog trys to attack him. I have tried everything... lol

  3. Lovely books. I agree! Puppy training is really important. It's like our kids getting involved in school. It will harness our pup's skills, attitude and knowledge. Just wanna share this useful tips, this is based on experience. I am a dog trainer and you know what, I always get along with different dogs. Dogs are pack animals, they follow their leader. I got the secret formulas on how to become a pack leader. It's amazing how things got easier after that. Have you established your role as a leader? There are bunch of video tutorials online that will help you get along with your pup. You can visit me at for more details. Have a nice day! :)

  4. I also agree that pet's training is very important and as I am planning to adopt one more dog and thus this book will prove to be very helpful for me.


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