Nov 22, 2013

First Bluetooth Wireless Smart Food Scale to track dialy nutrition ~ for a healthier you! Review on Mom Loves 2 Read

NutriCrystal Wireless Smart Food Scale is the world's first Bluetooth Smart Ready Food scale that comes with a huge selections of mobile application in iOS and Android to help people track their daily nutrients intake. Based on customer feedback, these some of the applications:

- People dealing with weight related issues are using the scale to do portion control with their own home cook meals
- Parents with type I diabetes children use our scale to educate their children how much carbohydrates their children have consumed
- Body Builders use our scale to track the sources of their protein intake.
- Individuals who want to make sure
that their family members and themselves are receiving sufficient vitamins from their daily food consumption.
- And many more.....

My Review :
I found this scale to be a great asset in helping me choose healthier food options for myself and my family.  It gives the user great ways to help make healthier choices in portions and intake.  The scale is connected to a NutriPlus App that can be downloaded to Android Phone or Tablet, iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, 5S, iPad 3, iPad Mini or the latest iPod touch, in order to be able to access nutritional information right in the grocery store or even at a restaurant!  Being able to use my ipod touch or ipad mini to help with nutritional information while in the grocery store, then to come home and have that same information on my food scale is a wonderful aid to keeping my family healthier even on the go.
And, although for this review I received one in blue, there are other color options available online.  You can choose your favorite color, or one that compliments your kitchen decor! 

From the website:
For people who are looking for an effective way of measuring their nutritional intake, we have mobile applications and a wireless smart food scale that can tell you if you are meeting your healthy eating goals. Unlike the existing nutritional scales, the process of taking the measurements is fully automated. All you need to do is put food on the scale and record the data using your mobile phones, tablets or desktop PCs wirelessly. In addition to tracking the amount of your nutritional intake, our software also provides you summary reports on each of your nutritional consumption and compare the result to national standards or among your friends.

Check out more about this new and amazing NutriCrystal Smart Food Scale on their website:

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