Nov 27, 2013

Fun and Flirty way to no thigh chafing with Bandelettes - Review on Mom Loves 2 Read

Ok, so like most women I know I am not a slender size 4 and have a bit of extra around the thigh area.  I am not a big fan of wearing skirts and dresses and this is one of the reasons why.  That extra "flub" makes my thighs rub together when walking around unless I wear hose or tights under my skirts or short shorts.  So, out with the skirts and short shorts?  or so I thought until I found Bandelettes!  These adorable (and yes, sexy) thigh covers seem to be the perfect solution to my (and many real women's) thigh-rubbing problem.

What are Bandelettes you ask?

Bandelettes - Anti Chafing Elastic thigh bands are 6" in length, and are made of delicate lace with two non slip silicone stripes to protect inner thigh skin from rubbing. Non slip silicone strips on the top and bottom of each band, holds bands in place without moving or slipping.

Bandelettes lightly wrap around your thighs and create a barrier between them, providing full comfort and decorating legs at the same time.

Bandelettes became fashionable accessory for any women's wardrobe, could be worn even if there is no chafing problem - just to spice up the look.

Bandelettes come in 6 sizes and 5 different colors ~ carmel, beige, black, red, and white. And they ship world wide.

Now do I have your attention?  GOOD.

Bandelettes are a great solution to the thigh rubbing issue many women like me have when wearing skirts or
dresses without another layer underneath - or for hot summer days when short shorts are necessary (or just for fun).  I love how they are secure and do not slip or fall down my legs when moving normally.  They look amazing under shorter skirts, dresses or shorts and personally they are fun to wear.  If someone gets a little peek at these adorably sexy Bandelettes it grabs their attention.  Such a great idea even for women without the thigh issues that I have - they make cute peek-a-boo accessories under shorter skirts, shorts and for those brave enough - a sexy flash that grabs attention wherever you go.

So, what are you waiting for?  Check them out for yourself (some are even on SALE right now!!)  go to  to grab your set or two or more!

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  1. I did not know that they made a product like this and I really like them. I think they are cute, and would really help me to keep from chafing. I need to look at these no thigh chafing panty.

  2. These are so awesome! I know they would help me out a lot. Plus they are so darn cute :)


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