Jan 19, 2014

Zaycon Food - fresh meats at wonderful savings - Review of some delicious chicken

Zaycon Foods is privately owned company that brings farm fresh meats directly from the farmers to the customer at wholesale prices. It may sound strange to consider purchasing your family's food from the back of a truck, but by cutting out the middleman (grocery stores) you not only save money,  but your meat will be much fresher than that found in stores.
When I found out that Zaycon Foods was coming to my area, I immediately found out how to get a sample of their fresh chicken breast for review. My family eats a lot of chicken, so I
could not wait to try it and see how much I could save in bypassing the grocery store.  Plus, I wanted to see if Zaycon Foods meats were any fresher tasting than the grocery store Chicken I usually purchase.

The first thing I had to do was place my order and find out when the meat would be delivered to my local area.  I had to wait nearly 2 months after my order for it to arrive in a nearby town - but since I was ordering in bulk, I knew that the wait would not be a significant factor against purchasing through Zaycon Foods.

Zaycon Foods chicken comes in bulk in a forty pound box. Their chicken is never frozen, but is brought to the delivery site in a very very cold truck. When I arrived at the delivery location, I found a nicely formed line of cars and trucks waiting their turn patiently to pick up their orders.  When it was my turn, the driver was friendly and nice and even loaded the box right into my car for me! I think my total wait from the back of the line to exiting with my order was around 10 minutes at most.

I also learned by checking out the website that Zaycon Foods sells more than chicken. You can also order turkey, pork, beef, fish, bacon, sausage, ribs, ham, and more. They even offer fresh fruits and raw honey. It's so easy to place an order online then just drive through and pick it up!

I didn't think that Forty pounds of chicken sounded like much, but Wow is it a lot of chicken! When I opened my Zaycon Foods box at home, I was shocked at how many huge pieces of chicken there were. I filled 10 gallon freezer bags and still had 6 huge breasts left to make food for my family right away. 

By the time I got my chicken packaged, my hands were quite cold and my fingers were nearly numb. Although the chicken is not frozen, my fingers sure felt like I had handled frozen food.  AND, I could not believe how HUGE these chicken breast were!  They are easily twice the size of many packaged chicken breasts in the stores.

The first meal I made with the Zaycon Foods chicken was Chicken and Noodles.  But after only cooking 4 breasts, I had at least half of the cooked chicken left - so I also made Chicken Salad for sandwiches, and had Chicken in Salad, as well as had enough left over to make a little bit of BBQ Chicken.  And that was only with 4 large breasts!

The quality of this chicken is wonderful, much better than any grocery store chicken I have purchased before! I highly recommend Zaycon Foods. It will be quite a while before I need more chicken, so in the meantime I'll be checking out Zaycon Foods for more meats for my family very soon!  Here is how you can check them out too . . .great for families, or large events!

Website: https://www.zayconfoods.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Zaycon-Foods/163726393638123
Twitter: http://twitter.com/zayconfoods
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/ZayconFoods

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