Sep 28, 2013

35 Ways I Know I'm a Mom ~ More Fun Mommy Moments

As I was searching around the internet, I found a fun and fantastic blog post called
"100 Ways You Know You're a Mom". 

It is such a great post that I thought I'd share my top personal favorites from her list and a few of my own original ones as well.  
How many fit you?

~ 35 Ways I Know I'm a MOM ~

  1. A trip to the grocery store alone is my idea of a spontaneous getaway.
  2. If I don’t change the toilet paper roll, it doesn’t get changed.
  3. I have a hard time remembering what the words “personal space” mean.
  4. I consider Goldfish crackers a food group.
  5. I listen to my kids' favorite music even when I'm driving by myself.
  6. I can’t remember the last time sat down to a meal first.
  7. You wish there was drive through or delivery for everything (food, groceries, doctors, groceries. . . )
  8. I can do 18 things all at the same time.

  9. I start to do 18 things all at the same time but never complete any of them
  10. After completing some of those 18 things, the kids undo each and every one so it looks like you never did anything.

  11. I consider going to the bathroom or showering uninterrupted the height of luxury.
  12. I can grab something from the backseat of the car (or in the diaper bag) without even looking.
  13. I know how badly stepping on a piece of Lego can hurt.
  14. I have an entire Pinterest board full of crafts that I most likely will never get around to actually doing.

  15. I think wrestling baby alligators would be easier than getting kids in bed on time.
  16. My husband tells me it isn’t worth buying nice furniture or new carpet until the kids go off to college.
  17. I cry with happiness when one of my children eats carrots.

  18. I tell myself that pizza has all the food groups.
  19. Some days I just want to quit motherhood or take a VERY long vacation.
  20. I haven’t slept in over a decade.
  21. I have clothes in every size under the sun, many of which I'll never fit in but refuse to get rid of "just in case"
  22. I obsess over whether or not I remembered to sign that permission slip.

  23. Caffeine is one of my love languages. (Mt. Dew the breakfast of champion moms!)
  24. I will never ever be able to sort, process or print all the photos you take. (and they will most likely never make it into the photo albums)
  25. I would rather have someone help you with the housework than anything else in the world.
  26. I wish all my kids had a built in GPS.

  27. I have several story books and most children's videos memorized. (and almost all veggietales movies)
  28. I have made s’mores on a campfire, on the kitchen stove, and even in the microwave.
  29. I didn’t know T-Ball could be more exciting than the World Series.
  30. Cereal is a breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner kind of food at my house.
  31. I loathe having to match socks. (and often throw dozens away that have remained unmatched for months)
  32. Having kids has taught me how to love and be loved like nothing else on earth.

  33. I do more multitasking in an average day than any CEO.
  34. I pray. About everything. Because I’ve learned I can hardly control anything.
  35. My job description could fill an entire book. (or maybe even a library)

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Have a few you'd like to share?  Comment below and let me know!


  1. Haha, I don't have kids but I love goldfish. I'm stopping by from the blog hop, i'm a new follower. I hop your having a great Saturday!

  2. I love this! Goldfish are totally a food group at this point. And Legos, matchbox cars and action figures should be considered weapons of torture haha!


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